4 x Edible Journeys 'All About Eclairs' Cooking Workshops

About The Product

Eclairs, the New Black of pastry. Popping in boutique patisseries around Melbourne, the
once classic Parisienne favourite is given a new sexy makeover and has gone centre
stage. Why not learn the secrets of creating this fashionable pastry trend with Elaine
Elaine’s love for baking has taken her from Manila to Paris and finally to Melbourne
searching for the best flavours, patisseries and techniques. She has perfected her skills as
a pastry chef and chocolatier at the Grand Hyatt-Melbourne and Cacao Fine Chocolates.
Join Elaine for an enjoyable hands-on baking experience as she demonstrates the finer
details in creating eclairs that are light, crisp and simply perfect. She will describe
techniques on creating the mixture, piping, baking, filling and decorating including the
secrets of making silky smooth dessert fillings as well as interesting savoury options.
Each class participant will take home their own selection of eclairs and the skills to
recreate the “New Black” of the pastry world at home.
RRP: $145 / person
Date: April 27, 2014
Class Inclusions:!
Introduction about choux pastry
• origins!
• ingredients!
• applications!
• Choux pastry !
• Glazes!
• Dessert fillings!
• Savoury fillings!
• Assembly and Decoration!
• Participants will take home the eclairs made in class.

Product Reviews

Marina104, Chelsea VIC


A fantastic hands on class learning how to create Eclairs, savoury and sweet. I was a little nervous about attending as I am not much of a baker but Elaine made you feel at ease straight away. This class caters to all levels of bakers and is so well explained. I loved the range of Elaine's recipes we got to make and all the small tips that I picked up along the way. I would recommend this class and others that Elaine holds as she is very knowledgable, professional and passionate about what she teaches. Great afternoon spent in the kitchen, learning how to create Eclairs and best of all we got to take them home to share with family and friends.

Karen, Edithvale VIC


I came away from this class with so much more than delectable eclairs.

Elaine's passion for her craft is evident from the first minute of the class to the end. She has organized a wonderful collection of recipes and techniques. From different methods of thickening fillings, both savoury and sweet, to creating silky glazes her explanations and demonstrations were enlightening. She hadn't even started making the pastry and I could see ways that I could make use of the things she was teaching us beyond using them with eclairs. She also showed us simple ways of doing things that, at first, appeared to be difficult. These are the things that you can't learn by reading a cookbook. It was a lot of fun trying to fill and glaze the eclairs. I ended up a sticky mess as this was my first attempt, but I'm looking forward to more practice. Thankfully, Elaine has provided a well produced collection of the recipes and tips/techniques from the class as a take home. This means I can start with something I am familiar with rather than searching the internet for the best information. In the meantime, I enjoyed every bite of the eclairs that I took home.

Maria286, Wyndham Vale VIC


It was an amazing class and journey making Savoury and sweet eclairs. The experience with Elaine was amazing she made you feel at home while learning how to make amazing eclairs. She is a very talented and has a passion for teaching I would definitely recommend her classes.