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About The Product

With product names like Vital, Balance, Solace, Spirit, Karma, and Essence, Ebb Sport shoes have been designed as an essential blend of fashion and function to support an active lifestyle.

Developed to ensure great fit with a directional colour palette and classic styling, our ‘no compromise’ commitment to comfort allows you to tailor your shoes to suit you.

Ebb Sport uses top of the range True Tech technology to bring you the Relax and Energise interchangeable footbeds. These footbeds are developed to keep your feet dryer and cooler, teamed with open cell construction to promote breathability and superior comfort.

All Ebb Sport shoes come with two unique sets of footbeds to ensure your comfort is tailored to your individual needs. Both sets harness True Tech technology and provide:

• Superior moisture wicking

• Increased breathability

• Anti-microbial properties

• Hand washable

Choose the footbed that suits your lifestyle, from the gym to café, school run to yoga, travelling or just lounging at home. Wear them your way, every day.

Relax – For long lasting cushioned comfort, is enhanced with:

• Contoured open cell support

• Mid shock absorption

Energise – For explosive bounce, is enhanced with:

• High impact shock absorption

• Outlast ® temperature management

Also included in the box is an alternative pair of laces for you to further customise your Ebb Sport shoes!

Product Reviews

Jaqi, Curl Curl NSW


I have the velcro shoes that are great. They are light and comfortable to wear both at the shops and on the treadmill. They are easy to wash and even better there is no foot smell.

Jeannine6, Balgownie NSW


These shoes were very comfortable. I used the "relax" liners all day and had no problems as they were soft and I did not get any blisters from the shoe. I also used the shoe for walking and again had no problems. My feet did not sweat and were able to breathe.
The shoes were comfortable with and with out socks (although they looked much nicer with out).
I would recommend these shoes.

Jaqi, Curl Curl NSW


Incredibly light and easy to wear not only when excercisning but also out and about. I prefer the relax footbed as there is more room for my feet. A plus is they are really easy to wash.