4 x Eat Fit Food 10 Meal Packs

About The Product

Eat Fit Food delivers fresh meals daily to your door. 

Prepared by professional chefs our meals consist of the finest quality produce, including locally farmed, ethically sourced meat and fish. 

All meals are portion and calorie controlled with zero additives, no refined sugar and plenty of healthy fats and superfoods.

Our 10 Meal Pack:
Prepare your own breakfasts and let us take care of the rest of your daily nutritional requirements.

Product Reviews

Louise926, Glebe NSW


I tried an Eat Fit Food 10 meal pack, lunch and dinner for 5 days. Firstly Laura was nothing but helpful in organising access to my building so the meals could be dropped off, the customer service is brilliant. Every night between midnight and 7am the days meals were dropped of in my building in a cute little cooler bag. My days were Wed-Sun so on Friday morning they had dropped off the meals for the whole weekend which was handy. Like in a restaurant there were some meals that I wouldn't pick again, but the meals were restaurant quality, really very delicious! Everything was cooked perfectly, there was loads of variety, the presentation was great and the taste was very very good. When I saw the first meal I thought the portion size was too small but it actually filled me for just as long as my normal meals would, so they're probably closer to what a healthy portion size is. Very active guys might want to opt for the larger size portion though. I'd definitely recommend Eat Fit food, it was such a treat to not have to cook and to still have meals that tasted delicious and not like takeaway. Great company!

Cecilia41, Mosman NSW


Last week I got to experience something I have always dreamed of...not having to cook lunch or dinner, or even go shopping for food, all week! Thank you Eat Fit Food and LifeStyle for my heaven sent chance to try the Eat Fit Food delivery service. I was delivered two meals each day for a week, one for lunch and one for dinner. Overall the quality and flavour of the food was very high, it was like eating in a top restaurant but in the comfort of my home. What a joy it was to eat fresh healthy food that tasted amazing. I think this service would be invaluable for people who work long hours, or people who need help with meals due to age or illness. The meals appear to be relatively expensive, however this is due to being very high quality food with an emphasis on protein and vegetables, and the convenience factor is priceless. I will definitely keep the service in mind for times when I need help with meals in future.

Katty4, Epping NSW


The meals from the Eat Fit Food are really nice.
I will rate this experience 8/10. Within the 10 meals I have ordered, there are 2 meals I have received that was not the same as what I have picked on the spreadsheet. E.g. Friday I have ordered the chicken but end up getting Tofu. But the food are still pretty yummy where I would recommend for friends and family. I love the salads and the fish are really yummy, even after reheating the meals, they are still very fresh.
The delivery is good but since I live in an apartment so I have to asked the driver to leave the food just in front of the building outside the security door as I don't have a spare security pass to give them access to the building. It could be a little unsafe to leave the food outside but I have managed to get all the food fine. I think if I work in city and can get the delivery during day time that would be easier.