4 x Coco Natural Cosmetic Sets

About The Product

Coconatural skin care made in Australia for Australian skin with 100% organic virgin coconut oil and the healing powers of beeswax.

Coconatural products are made with as little ingredients as possible to ensure you are treating your skin with the best nature has to offer. 

Our huge range includes lip balms, body balms, perfume pots, baby balms and candles plus much more!

There are no nasty chemicals or toxins, plus the entire range is vegetarian friendly and petroleum free.  For a perfectly natural skin range that offers hydration, luxury and healing properties, shop with Coconatural.

Product Reviews

Kristy140, Lake Macdonald QLD


OMG!! There are no words to describe how wonderfully awesome this product is. We LOVE it!! It leaves your skin feeling fabulously soft and hydrated and the fragrances used just make you and anyone close by want to gobble you up - I was almost devoured at the checkout of my local supermarket, and my daughters classmates fought over who would sit next to her just to get a whiff of the Tropical Getaway Perfume. A little bit certainly goes a long way and there's no greasy feeling that sometimes comes along with coconut oil products. With three lovely ladies in our family its sometimes hard to find products that we all agree on but with Coconatural our happiness was unanimous. After using the Soft and Gentle Makeup Remover my seventeen year old even went as far as saying "Wow Mum! My skin feels like God's bum!" (not sure what sort of compliment that is it but I can assure you it was one) We were all amazed at the amount of makeup grime that was removed by these wondrous little pads on a face that had been "previously cleansed" using another product. We will definitely be converting to using Coconatural products from now on, every single item we received has been amazingly luxurious, super effective and lusciously long lasting. Big thumbs up Coconatural-your products rock!!!

Judy538, Gymea Bay NSW


I love everything coconut and to review this was a breeze. The lip balm was extremely moisturising with a subtle scent of raspberry which I also love. The body balm was a little hard to use as it was very set, but a little warming of the container was all that was needed to indulge in this soothing butter. The makeup remover pads were a bit hit with all the women in my family, the ingredients were so gentle, with no irritation at all. With a granddaughter still in nappies, I did get to use the bottom balm, with great results. The perfume pot was tantalising to say the least with a lovely lingering scent and again great ingredients. A big thumbs up for this range, so many natural ingredients combined together in adorable little containers.

Annette27, Oakleigh VIC


Coconatural is awesome! OMG! All their products are great! Love the perfume pots, my son says mummy smell beautiful. I have sensitive skin so the gentle make removers are great, don't dry your skin out whatsoever and no irritation. Coconaturals lip balm keep your lips moist for hours. My son and I loooovvveeeee the bottom balm. My son gets mozzie bites and scratches often from play. I apply a little Coconaturals bottom balm on them and Itching goes away fast and scratch heals well. And my son doesn't scream as it's kind and gentle on his skin. And a little bit from each pot certainly goes a long way. I'm definitely using Coconatural products from now on, and telling all my friends :)

Marilyn257, Deception Bay QLD


I really liked these products. I loved the packaging, it was dainty, quirky (in a good way), and pretty... in fact it was exciting just to look at the cute packs :). The next sense that was to succumb to these products was my sense of smell, every item smelled good enough to eat and I think you probably could eat them as the ingredients list is so minimal and gentle. It's great to find such nice products with no nasties added. Each item felt lovely and quite luxurious on my skin. I absolutely love the smell of the perfume pot, it sincerely does sweep your mind away to a relaxing place. The lip balm is delicious too and keeps your lips moist for quite a while. The only product I probably wouldn't buy would be the make-up removers. This is not because the product is inferior or doesn't work, it is because they would be used by my teenage daughter and her skin is simply too oily to use these wipes, they leave quite a bit of oil on your skin after cleansing. If you have a dry/normal complexion they would be lovely. Thank you Coconatural, I love the products.