4 x Babywedge Packs

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About The Product

Loved by celebrities Dannii Minogue, Sophie Falkiner and famous Parenting Expert Pinky McKay, Babywedge is an essential multi-use product every mother and baby needs. It provides relief and comfort to babies suffering reflux, colic or settling issues by elevating the babies head and shoulders, reducing the amount of spilling/vomiting. Babywedge can also be used as a settling aid, elevated changing station, flat-head reduction assistant, elevated tummy-time pillow, maternity pillow and back support for mum. It’s light, compact and great for traveling.

When CEO/Creator, Hayley Birtles-Eades’ 7 week old son was diagnosed with infant reflux, she didn’t want to overwhelm him with drugs and couldn’t find a feasible, natural solution. So Hayley and her sister, Sally set off on a mission to find a better solution. After years of research and testing, Babywedge was born and released to enrich the lives of mothers and babies all over the world.

Babywedge’s ARTG certification number allows it to be distributed in Australia as a medical device and has been tried and tested to ensure the product’s safety and quality.

Babywedge is available in all good baby stores and online at www.babywedge.com.au

Product Reviews

bobdown, Greensborough VIC


What a fantastic product. Even the most wriggliest bub is well confined by Babywedge. A must for all newborns . New mums will be so glad if they get this product. Fantastic idea.