36 x Pairs of Scizza Pizza Cutters

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About The Product

We all know how incredibly frustrating the traditional pizza wheel is - it just doesn't work! It never cuts right through your pizza, and you have to run the wheel back and forth trying to complete the cut, dragging the toppings from one side of the pizza to the other. All you end up doing is making a great big mess of your meal.

Scizza has re-invented the wheel by cleverly combining two precision-ground, hardened German stainless steel blades that create perfect cuts with a nifty spatula on the bottom blade that slides under the pizza protecting your cooking surface and non-stick cookware.

Scizza is perfect for parents who have to cut their kids meals into small bite size pieces and is also brilliant for cutting fabric, pastry and an endless list of household items without worrying about scratching the kitchen table or cutting the carpet or bed sheets when you wrap presents.

Dreamfarm is a young Australian design company that is all about making simple ideas a reality. We are a team of everyday people who get frustrated by everyday problems and look for all sorts of ways to make day-to-day tasks more enjoyable.

Dreamfarm designs unique products that are not only incredibly stylish, but are useful in ways never seen before and challenge anyone who believes everything has already been invented.


Product Reviews

Debby, Romsey VIC


The pizza cutter is outstanding! I was so excited to receive it that we had pizza for dinner last night. The pizza cutter effortlesly cut throuh the pizza without spilling the topping everywhere. It was so easy to use and clean. This morning I used it to cut silk fabric, wow, I have never had such an easy time cutting silk. T love that the pizza cutter is so versitile and can be used for so many things.

bettina g, Stafford Heights QLD


I am really impressed with the Scizza. It's very sharp & provides a nice clean cut compared to a roller cutter. When cutting pizza a roller cutter can be messy. The Scizza just seems to glide through.

marketraider, Caboolture QLD


What a great, handy innovation. These Sizza's make homemade pizza's all the more enjoyable with their great design, easy functionality and perfect results. Pizza's are now easier to cut and the toppings stays where it is intended to be. I love my new sizza.