35 x Insolia® inserts from All Day Heels™

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About The Product

Insolia® inserts from All Day Heels™ are a breakthrough in high heel comfort, providing much-needed relief for high heel lovers.

High heels shift your body out of alignment, putting pressure on the balls of your feet and strain on your lower back. Using patented technology Insolia shifts this pressure off the ball of the foot, redistributing it back onto the heel where it naturally should be.

This restores body alignment, reducing pressure and pain and improves balance and posture.

Unlike cushioning, padding or arch supports Insolia actually reposition the feet into the optimal placement for wearing high heels.

The result is increased ankle stability, improved body alignment and reduced ball-of-foot, leg and back pain. Insolia also create a more natural walk so you look better in high heels.

Insolia Inserts typically mean you can wear your heels 3 to 4 times longer in comfort. Your “two-hour heels” can become 6 to 8 hour heels. Imagine what a difference that will make to a day in the office or a night on the town.

Make sure the shoes you love don’t cramp your style. Try Insolia inserts and feel the difference a subtle shift can make.

Product Reviews

Sharee5, West Pennant Hills NSW


These All Day Heels really work! Don't ask me how ... but they do. I have a pair of shoes that always make my feet ache when I wear them so I decided to put the All Day Heels in them. My toes don't feel squashed and sore in the shoes anymore and you don't even realise there is anything inside the shoes. The most difficult part of the All Day Heels was taking the double sided tape off the back so I could adhere them to the shoes ... not hard at all! I wear my 'achy' shoes now with no aches and pains. Brilliant!

bertie2, Emu Plains NSW


I normally get cramps in my toes and redness and pain on the bottom of my feet. but once I used the ALL DAY HEELS Insolia product I could walk in my shoes all day and all night. IT WORKS. I'am so happy with this product that I will buy them again