35 x Heilala Posh Popcorn Packs

About The Product

Make your own Posh Popcorn with Heilala Extra Virgin Coconut Oil drizzled with Heilala Vanilla Syrup.  Just add a touch of sea salt for a perfect sweet and salty treat.

Each pack contains (for 10 servings):
• 250gm bag of organic corn kernels
• 150ml jar of Heilala Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
• 100ml bottle of Heilala Vanilla Syrup

A fun and tasty gift pack for kids and adults alike!

Heilala Vanilla produce vanilla products for some of the world's best restaurants including Attica, Cutler and Co. and Movida. 2015 marks their 10 year anniversary since the first harvest in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga bore just 40kgs of fragile Bourbon-variety vanilla beans which were later dried and sold to chefs who raved about the rich quality and distinct flavour of that first yield. 

Heilala Vanilla’s products are ideal for whole-food followers, home bakers and fine food lovers.

Product Reviews

salmar, Drouin VIC


One word: YUM!!!!!
This is so good, it tastes fantastic. You can control the sweetness, by putting as much or as little of the vanilla syrup as you want. My hint is put some sea salt on it along with the syrup. Yum sweet and salty

Carmen296, Lower Templestowe VIC


absolutely yummy. Fun to make popcorn this way.

Susan1225, Mount Martha VIC


beautiful crunchy posh popcorn tasty and fragrent with the sticky heilala vanilla sauce. left a sweet aroma in the kitchen.

Charmaine142, Bowenfels NSW


Smells absolutely amazing...light and not as sweet as I expected

squeekums, Ardrossan SA


Great fresh flavour
Easy to make
Kiddo loved
Having issues with star entry but full 5 from me

Diane185, Hastings VIC


Well packaged look the taste is fantastic easy to make the ingredients mixed together just melts in your mouth a taste of perfection I recommend the Heilala popcorn it is a bit posh but worth it.

Bernard62, Vermont VIC


Very convenient popcorn pack that you can easily make at home. The corn tastes amazing with the vanilla syrup.

Michael1697, Banks ACT


The Heilala Posh Popcorn Pack takes popcorn to the next level, creating a sweet treat that everyone will love. My kids love it and it has become a staple in our household on movie night. Using coconut oil instead of regular cooking oil makes it better for you and adds a little extra flavor. I would recommend this to everyone looking for something tasty and different

kiwimumma71, Labrador QLD


Deliciously tasty, and yummy. Wasn't sure if the kids would love the flavour as they are used to only butter and salt or caramel but they seemed to love it.
I'd definitely buy more.

SuzanFrankcombe, Rathmines NSW


The vanilla syrup on the popcorn was very tasty. The addition of sea salt, as recommended was lovely. The coconut oil made no difference to the taste, and the popcorn actually burnt a little at the very end, even though it had been taken off the heat.

Leila, Hillcrest SA


This is popcorn is light, delicious and nowhere near as greasy as the regular stuff. It's very easy to make, and comes with simple instructions. The vanilla does not taste cloying or artificial, and goes perfectly with a sprinkle of sea salt. I'd recommend this for any movie night.

Joni22, Lightsview SA


First impressions count, and this is especially the case with the Heilala Vanilla Posh Popcorn. Not only was the shipping time quick, but the packaging is sophisticated making it a great gift option.

I also love the use of the coconut oil over other more traditional oils as it makes it feel like a healthier alternative. Once made the flavour is incredible, especially if you add a sprinkling of sea salt. I ended up testing it on my friends and it was gone so quickly a second batch was required.

I think this makes a great gift option or great for a special occasion. I do however feel that it is slightly more expensive than what I would be willing to pay if it was just for my own personal use.

Georgina258, Macleod VIC


The Heilala Posh Popcorn Pack is packaged beautifully and would make a really great gift for a popcorn lover - it includes a small tub of coconut oil, a generous serving of corn kernels, and a bottle of vanilla syrup for drizzling over the top of the cooked popcorn. It is very quick and easy to make the popcorn, which is an even bigger plus. I found the flavour to be quite light, and would have preferred it slightly stronger, but the others I shared it with were pleased.