35 x Girly Gadgets Pink Mini Tool Set

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About The Product

This gorgeous Girly Gadgets Pink Mini Tool Set is a must-have for girls of all ages. You can keep it at home in the garage, leave it in your glovebox or pack it into a large handbag. It has 23 useful tools including: • Pink Torch • Pink Side Cutters • Pink Long Nose Pliers • Pink Tape Measure • Pink Diver Bit Handle with Magnetic Tip • Extension Bar • 2 Jewellers Screwdrivers • Tweezers • Screwdriver Bits set • Socket set. Available at www.girlygadgets.com.au – an online gift shop selling fun and unique girly gifts.

Product Reviews

Amanda , Grantham QLD


I received my Girly Gadgets Pink Mini Tool kit and I love it!! It has everything in it that I keep stealing out of my husbands tool box. He was even eyeing it off as he thought it was a handy kit. I'm always looking for screwdrivers and sockets as well as pliers and spend for ever trying to find them in the shed. Now I have a handy all in one kit that is a great compact size and is fashionable too. Thanks heaps!!!

lynndi_lou, Brisbane QLD


I started using my tool kit the day I got it. Loose saucepan handles no problem, several sized attachments to choose from. It put me on a mission of fixing rather than nagging. Soon I had fixed squeeky doors wobbly chairs and a few other things. The tools come in a lovely soft pink and grey case which you wouldn't recognise as a tool kit unless you knew. The pink coloured handles stop the men in my family from pocketing them. It has every tool I need bar from a little hammer to hit those you try to use my kit. Even the 1 metre tape measure is so compact I can take it shopping. I find it perfect for around the house small jobs and I can easily pop it in the car if we go travelling. A must have quality tool set for every woman, stop nagging and start doing.

Karen, Stoneville WA


I love this gorgeous Girly Gadgets Pink Mini Tool Set, I'm always in need of tools around the home, garden and car this pack has them all in the neat pink case. A very handy gift, beautifully presented and wrapped in lovely paper with a bow.

Tess2, Youngtown TAS


This is really too cute! It arrived beautifully gift wrapped in pink paper and bows. It has all the little tools that I will actually use. The little tweezers and screw driver especially. I love the girly feel of it, but its 100% practical. A perfect gift, especially for a young woman who is leaving home for the first time.