34 x PAKItToMe™ Backpacks

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About The Product

Everyone needs a backpack - children, teenagers and adults alike – be it for travelling, swimming, sports, childcare, sleepovers or to carry extra things to work.

But what about when you’re not using the back¬pack? Is it hanging on the back of the door, kicked under the bed or shoved into the bottom of the wardrobe?

EnviroTrend has come up with the ultimate com¬pact backpack - the PAKItToMe™ Backpack. No bigger than a snack size packet of chips when folded, PAKItToMe™ folds out into a generously sized backpack with adjustable straps, 2 side pock¬ets with adjustable toggle for your phone or drink bottle, and a pocket at the front with a keychain to safely attach your keys to the inside.

It’s easy to stuff back inside, lightweight yet sturdy and big enough to fit a laptop. PAKitToMe comes in 4 fun prints and basic black. At just $14.99, PAKItToMe™ is this season’s must have bag!

PAKItToMe™ is the brainchild of a busy mum Janina Byrne, who has juggled her day job and family to bring you practical and environmentally friendly products for people on the go.


Product Reviews

Leonie, Acacia Gardens NSW


Great little bag, the material is light but tough. The material is also water repellant which is great. The backpack is a handy size and has comfortable shoulder pads and a convenient little zipper pocket. Not sold on the pattern but that's a personal preference. Folds into a great little packet and would easily fit into a handbag.