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About The Product

H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

After great success in the coconut water market, H2Coco is excited to introduce our very own Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is:
• 100% natural & raw
• cold pressed & unrefined
• gluten & dairy free
• amazingly versatile

Coconut oil is natures finest source of medium chain saturated fatty acids and is digested and metabolised in a way that energises, nurtures and heals the body. It is also one of the most versatile products on the market! You can EAT it, COOK with it, SPREAD it on your toast, FEEL it on your skin and DRINK it in your smoothies!

For more information on how you can incorporate H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in your life, visit www.h2coconut.com or join us on Facebook and Instagram @H2COCO.

Product Reviews

Catherine847, Cranbourne North VIC


I love coconut oil and have tried many different brands. H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is by far the nicest I have ever tried! It has such a lovely, delicate coconut flavour but is in no way overpowering. I highly recommend it!

Debra85, Goodna QLD


I love it. H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is easy to take from a spoon I was so amazed, cooking was great, skin felt wonderful. Does not have an oily feel in your drink either. Love the size of this product also.
I would recommend this product to everyone and now I will have to find out who stocks this product .

Kristine1987, Cotswold Hills QLD


Wow what a versatile product. I cooked, spread and felt it and was amazed that it was fantastic in all of the applications.

I applied it to my skin and hair after being out in the sun and was amazed at how refreshed it made me feel (and it smelt amazing through to the afternoon as well).

I used it instead of butter and WOW it was so yummy.

I cooked pancakes, it gave them such an amazing subtle coconut flavour.

In all the applications a little went a long long way.

Debra85, Goodna QLD


I used H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and love it .. where can I buy it?
I took it straight from the spoon so easy to to do as some I have tried are so greasy and leave a fatty taste in your mouth. I used it for frying chicken so easy and in my morning breakfast shake. Would recommend this product. Even the bottle size is great.

Kathy437, Duncraig WA


This product is so decadent, it is just beautiful. It is so easy to scoop and use for a variety of things, I used it to cook with and I made my own muesli with it it added a lovely fresh coconut flavour to my muesli. As for the health factors it is a raw food, completely vegan and is a superfood. I loved it and will definitely be buying it for everyday use.

Rhema, Belfield NSW


Great product, smells and tastes great

Lana116, Wallan VIC


Loved trying this. This is normally something I wouldn't go for while grocery shopping. So happy to have a chance to try something new and that I normally wouldn't buy. I found it extremely versatile. I used it mostly as a substitute for oil whilst cooking, it left a mild coconut flavour through the food. I also ate it as it was, a tablespoon is meant to help with digestive health. Lastly I used it as a body oil/moisturiser, left my skin feeling soft and smelling like coconuts. Overall this was a great product that I would recommend anyone to use, I definitely will be buying more!

jgmennilli1, Coorparoo QLD


I love it, I used it in the most incredibly yummy, healthy muesli bars for my grandchildren.
They loved them.
I have bought coconut oil before but this product is far better.

sass153, North Lakes (QLD) QLD


omg amazing product! I don't know why I haven't bought this before now, it has so many different uses! I personally love it for my hair, makes it feel so shiny and in great condition not to mention the smell! but also in cooking gives an amazing exotic flavour! especially in a curry! definitely recommend this product to anyone, I always need to have this in my cupboard!

Janet305, Logan Village QLD


I was so excited to be chosen for this review as a friend of mine has just lost an amazing 20kg by changing over to Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & becoming Gluten Free. The change was necessitated to try & rid herself of a very itchy red facial rash. I tried to buy it at the shops to only find they were out of stock, it's a very popular product. I am glad she prewarned me about it changing from a solid to a liquid in the jar when it gets hot. I find solid works for me so I can easily spread it . We used it in chicken, broccoli stir frys & all frying ie schnitzels, kebabs and baked my famous brownie slice, frittatas, zucchini slice & pancakes & had it on toast with vegemite. Everyone loved the taste so we are now total converts. My son often gets eczema spots in his elbows and behind his knees and we found the coconut oil really helped here by extremely moisturizing and killing the itch. My daughter and I suffer with extremely sensitive dry skin and we have found using the coconut oil after a shower has certainly made a difference and using it as a night cream before bed & I am getting some nice compliments about how I now look.
Organic Coconut Oil has now become a staple in our household on my monthly shopping list as the jar seems to last forever. We love the taste and the much healthier option.I had been on a weight plateau for ages and this was the trigger to make it happen for me
I love that it is Gluten Free as a baker friend told me recently they are processing flour a different way now making more and more people intolerant. Most of my friends are all Gluten Free.

Debbie910, Lakelands NSW


I am very impressed with this product, it is quite easy to eat a spoonful a day and has a very pleasant taste not only have I used it in cooking such as healthy choc crackles instead of using copha in recipe used coconut oil. Also have used it on dry skin to moisturise and to heal wounds and as a lip balm and hair treatment, I would highly recommend this product.

Julie, Padbury WA


I have been rubbing the h2coconut oil on my body which is the best moisturiser! It comes in an easily accessible jar, which makes cooking with it a breeze.The oil is a much better quality than the one I purchased previously. It has a good clean flavour and tasted wonderful in my juice this morning. I will definitely buying when I have finished this one.

Diane6, Tewinga NSW


I have heard a lot about coconut oil, never ever tried it. I used it when cooking spaghetti bolognaise instead of my regular oil when frying the mince. Worked well, didn't need to use as much oil as I normally do. I could taste a slight coconut taste in the end product (a nice taste) no one else seemed to notice. Also used coconut oil instead of butter when making gluten free anzac biscuits, worked as well as butter and I have to say loved the end product.

Marilyn37, Albion Park NSW


I first tried H2CoCo with steak and mushrooms. Only used small amount but flavour was great.

Next I used it in rasberry and coconut muffins amazing flavour.

I also mixed it in with fruit and plain yoghurt for a delicious smoothie.

I decided to try it with my porridge awesome, my granddaughters also loved it.

Also tried it on my skin, what a beautiful texture very soft and smelled wonderful through the day.

Would recommend this to anyone that loves coconut and is health conscious. Can't get rating to work but I give it a ( 5 )

Jackie372, Caroline Springs VIC


H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, I'm normally sensative to everything marketed as natural or raw but found this oil really quite real. It melted when hot and returned back to a compressed product when room temperature. I trailed it on my body, it was excellent on my dry heels, excellent on my partners peeling workers hands and I'd describe the feel on my body as very similar to bio oil. This is a extreamly great beauty product for the whole body. I'll give it 9/10 because I smelt like a bounty chocolate bar.. Yum yum

abundance1, Narre Warren North VIC


The first thing I noticed when I opened the lid was the overwhelming smell of fresh coconuts and smooth consistency. I hadn’t noticed this with the other brand of coconut oils I had been using in the past. I always have coconut oil in my pantry and bathroom because I love the benefits of it and prefer to use natural products.

Below is a list of the ways I used this oil and my findings.

I spread the oil on hot toast as an alternative to butter and it tasted delicious.
I used it to fry and was very impressed.
I rubbed around a quarter a teaspoon in my hands and then applied to my hair to give it a healthy shine.
I used it as a hand moisturiser and it made my hands feel so smooth and silky.
Did oil pulling whereby I would put approximately a teaspoon of coconut oil in my mouth and swish around for about 10 mins and then spit out into a container and place in the bin (I never swallowed the oil). I have been doing this for some time and found my gums are no longer inflamed. I again noticed the lovely fresh coconut taste.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this oil. The smoothness, the freshness, the taste and I for one will be buying this brand in future.


kirstin, BruNSWick West VIC


Thank you for the opportunity to try H2Coco Coconut Oil. I have been reading about coconut oil recently and this was the perfect way to try before purchasing. I have slowly been adding coconut oil into my cooking and baking. This product is very versatile and experimenting has been fun - especially after drinking the oil, cooking with it then deciding to try spreading on my skin. I have spoken about the H2Coco Coconut Oil with my friends and they have tried some of my baking experiments. I would recommend this product as it has many benefits and it tastes refreshing. It will be on my shopping list from now on.

Paige, Hornsby NSW


Pretty love this product. I never used coconut oil before and just heard of people's compliments. I was lucky to win one and try it out by myself. I used it as bread spread and my kids said yummy. I used it to treat my dry and damaged hair and it worked so well. It's also a great choice to be used as the ingredient for baking instead of butter, healthy and nutritious. Coconut flavor makes the bread or cake smell lovely. I'm definitely gonna buy it in the future.

Karin64, Mount Evelyn VIC


I love this Product. It's healthy and it tastes great. I highly recommend the H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, it's very versatile.

Caron, Neutral Bay NSW


Really loved H2coco organic virgin coconut oil it is light with a delicious coconut taste so it tastes amazing I love it I hot water and lemon in the morning and spread on banana bread will defiantly buy again . I give it five stars

Anjali6, Caroline Springs VIC


Awesome product.. 1st of all I would thank you for sharing it with us.. I have used this product for various use in food, on my daughters dry skin and even in my smoothie and it tasted great.. but what made it outstanding was using it to make my own lipstick.. I usually DIY liptsick and use normal vegetable oil and get a decent texture liptsick, but with this oil it had the most fantastic and smooth texture I ever made.. and smells and tastes good too..

Christine405, Greystanes NSW


I love coconut - I love the smell, I love the taste and I love the feel and I loved H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.
I opened the jar and I smelt summer. I added a teaspoon to my favourite banana smoothie and it tasted better. I put a little into my yoghurt to give it a taste of coconut. But it was when I rubbed it on my body that I enjoyed it the most. I didn't have to use it everyday and my legs still felt nourished and smooth. I'll continue to use this both on my body and in my smoothies.

Mary691, West Hobart TAS


This product smells really nicely of coconut.
I primarily used it as a substitute for olive oil in my cooking. For this use I think it is a great product. I even used as a substitute for oil in baking biscuts and cakes and recipes worked well.

Scot4, Trevallyn TAS


H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Tried this in my favourite Coconut and Lemon Slice Recipe and it added a lot more coconut taste. I replaced the butter I usually use with H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, the texture of the cake seemed less dry. I will definitely be using it in this recipe forever as I know it's better for my health. I love baking so I have been replacing all my recipes that require oil or butter with H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and the family love it. I will be buying it in the future for sure.

Jamie232, Jandakot WA


This product is a great alternative to using oil. It gives food a subtle coconut flavour. I've found it to be really good to use when making cakes, especially biscuit bases that are used in slices and cheesecakes.

I feel like I'm being healthier by using this instead of oil. It's something which I will be buying again.

Therese111, Browns Creek NSW


I have really enjoyed trying Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I never realised how great it is. I thought you only used it for cooking, but have used used for my hair and skin. I live in rural NSW on a property and at the end of the day after having worked on the property I come in have a shower rub coconut oil into my dry hair and rub coconut oil into my skin, particularly the areas exposed to the sun. My skin feels relaxed and healthy.
I recommend everyone to use H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and discover all its benefits.