34 x BagsAlot® Bag Holders

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About The Product

Tied of carrying 3, 4 or even more Shopping bags to and around the Supermarket? Apart from looking untidy, unorganized and frustrating because they take up all the room inside your trolley, leaving no room for your shopping! Well—the future is here—The BagsAlot® Bag holder is designed to Carry up to 6 full sized shopping bags in a neat compact and Fashionable way.

A neater, classier alternative for the New Modern Day Shopper.

• Hangs neatly on the outside of the trolley Ready for use.

• when not in use hangs, neatly on a door handle

• Or can be kept in the car ready to be used on your next shopping trip.

• The lives of your bags are extended because they are folded and kept clean inside the holder.

• Easy for you to pack and unpack

• Helps to eliminate your carbon footprint and helps reduce waste in our overcrowded landfills.

The BagsAlot ® bag holder is made in Poly cotton and is fully washable. It can hold 6 bags comfortably.

Included in this offer: 4 full size eco non-woven shopping bags, printed in an attractive design

Extra bags are available online www.bagsalot.com.au Australian Owned & Operated.

Product Reviews

Lisa869, Murwillumbah South NSW


The Bags-A-Lot bag holders are really convenient, I am constantly juggling items and bags as I walk up the ramp with my 11 month old son to our local shopping centre - by having the Bags-A-Lot bag holder handy I am able to concentrate more on my son and what he's seeing and learning around him then having to juggle items. It also helps when I go to the register - I feel great about saving the environment when I am able to proudly say - 'I brought my own bags today'. I want to thank Bags-A-Lot for their unique invention it's made my shopping expeditions easier and enjoyable once again. I'd rate this product 5/5.

Kay50, Cranbourne VIC


I Love this idea! They look good and they work. What a fantastic concept. Keeping all those bags together can be a nightmare, not anymore.
I would definitely recommend them and I'm going to buy some more.

Paula2812, Grovedale VIC


Love it! Really compact bag to carry and keeps all my shopping bags neat & tidy. Hangs neatly in the trolley and packs away tidy in the boot of the car when finished. Great product! Miy bags are black - not sure if bag and cover come in different collars but that would be good.

Anna, Lake Clarendon QLD


I felt like a professional shopper at the supermarket this morning. All my carry bags expertly folded and in a carry all, there is even space for my cooler bag, everything neat and tidy. The glances and enquiries I received at the checkout said it all!!!

Jackiebrett, Glenelgn North SA


Hi realy like the bagsalot.
It lot tided in the car.
I like the way the handle are nice and long so I can put it over my shoulder before I go shopping.
I would buy them for people. it a great idea.

Maryanne43, Clematis VIC


Even though we had to wait a while for this product to come it was well worth the wait. It is just so easy and practical to use. I have a boot full of shopping bags, and they are are mess and hard to carry around. Bagsalot have come up with this easy to carry bag that is just easy to pop on the outside of the trolley, and also so easy to carry around. Thank you for allowing me to try this product I am really thrilled about it, and have told family and friends about it, and so I hope that they will purchase it..

Dannibella, Para Vista SA


When my BagsAlot arrived I went out shopping and I found the carry bag handles very useful and my bags were neatly tucked away. I think that BagsAlot is a much classier look when shopping and I like the smart design on the bags as well. I highly recommend this product.