32 x Style Me Up Sweet Key Charms Kits

About The Product

Style Me Up! Be Fashionably Creative!

Style Me Up is all about hands on creativity and gives young girls the freedom to express themselves with style! Create unique and fashionable pendants with the Style Me Up Sweet Key Charms kit! Use rhinestones and glitter powder to decorate charms and make necklaces by hanging them from coloured ribbons. Each kit makes 6 necklaces which can be given away or traded with friends! Perfect for birthday parties or holiday activities, these all inclusive kits are sure to impress and entertain for hours! Ages 8+. Available at Spotlight, Myer, Kidstuff and all good toy stores.

Each kit includes:

·         6 metallic key pendants

·         Work station and tweezers

·         Pre-cut adhesive sheet

·         Rhinestones

·         Jump rings

·         Tube of Glitter powder

·         Variety of ribbons

·         Colour Instruction booklet


Product Reviews

Carly25, Craigmore SA


My niece loved this! She said it was great fun creating her own key charm and being able to play around with all the glitter and rhinestones. Great for an activity at home or with a group of friends.

Rebecca430, Collingwood Park QLD


Thank you for letting use try this product, my daughter loved it she is very crafty and had heaps of fun making these and to share with her friends, some bits were a bit fiddley for her so I helped with them bits other then that she really enjoyed it.

Annette27, Oakleigh VIC


Style Me Up Sweet Key Charms Kits is the perfect gift for any little girl. I am 33 and I also really enjoyed creating them, and also did my five year old son. We are going to give finished charms to friends for Christmas. They are so beautiful. A must buy!

seedyem, Essendon VIC


My daughter and I have spent well over an hour so far playing and creating with this fun set. It's great to have such a productive and pretty craft activity: with everything you need to get the job done. No extra glue or tools required. Just open the box and away you go.

My daughter is only in prep, but the kit was still great fun for us to do together. Mummy helping with some of the trickier parts (like sticking the adhesive on), but she really enjoyed learning how to use the tweezers, and great for hand-eye and fine motor skills.

I really loved seeing how, after making the first one for herself, she quickly identified other girls and women in our family who she could make the other keys for. It was a well designed and fun kit to use - and great to make something that is so pretty.

5stars - great fun!

Daniella14, Paradise SA


Thank you for the opportuntity to try, rate and review this product. My 7 year old and 5 year old daughters loved this product and had great fun making the key charms. The pack contained everything that was needed to make the charms, right down to the tweezers to pick up the rhinestones, very handy!! There were enough rhinestones and glitter to make all of the charms, and some left over aswell, which is good as sometimes products can run short.

My 7 year old was able to complete the keycharms all by herself, however my 5 year old required minimal adult assistance, so the age range of 8+ is fairly accurate.

The finished product looked great and My Girls were really excited that they made something so cute and sparkly. They even gave some away to their friends as friendship tokens.

Over all the were fun and easy to make and the finished product looked great. The Reccomended Retail Price is fair in my opinion and it is definitley something that i would purchase for my children or for their friends as birthday gifts.