30 x Sweet Vanilla reusable, BPA-free food pouch packs for kids

About The Product

Sweet Vanilla Food pouches are the convenient, earth friendly and cost saving way to offer your kids snacks and school lunch box meals that provide on-the go nourishment.

Sweet Vanilla Food Pouches are PVC, Phthalate and BPA free reusable food pouches that can be filled with up to 160ml of anything from yoghurts to smoothies, to soups and any other type of homemade goodness! 

The pouches are designed with fun characters that appeal to kids, which can make eating healthy foods more appetising to fussy toddlers! A clear window on one side of the pouch allows you to identify frozen packs and the pouches are dishwasher safe (top shelf only) with a secure zip lock bottom for easy washing or filling.

Product Reviews

Ant, Belfield NSW


So practical and useful....my kids love it and it has made life easier

Kirbie5, Broken Hill NSW


they are wonderful and my children love the great designs.

Vanda11, North Coogee WA


I seriously love these pouches. I've never been a fan of store bought baby food as you have no control over what preservatives and rubbish they are filled with. These pouches are easy to fill and easy for my little princess to eat/slurp from. They're also easy to wash out and I love that they can be put in the dishwasher. The little window lets me see what is inside and the caps are large with holes so there is no risk of choking if they accidentally find their way in bubs mouth. The pouches are colourful and fun which appeals to tot's. I also love that they are free of nasties such as PVC and BPA. Every mum's must have item!

Lisa855, Goulburn NSW


These pouches are such a good idea I no longer have to buy pre-maid yoghurts and snacks in pouches I can make my own. It will save me money and also i know exactly what the ingredients are in the snacks I pack. I have already been sharing how good these Sweet Vanilla pouches are with other mums at my playgroup.

Yann, Hampstead Gardens SA


The product looks great and easy to use.

Kell4, Horsham VIC


The Sweet Vanilla Pouches are Fabulous. Easy to fill with Fruit puree, yogurt or smoothies. I can't wait to try soup in them. Cleaning is a breeze, I've washed them by hand and in the dishwasher, they still look new after lots of washing.
The Characters are so cute, Little miss loves the Owl. And my Hubby even took yogurt to work in the puppy dog.

Emily720, Clyde North VIC


The Sweet Vanilla re-usable pouch packs are amazing! I was able to feed the little one knowing the ingredients in her meal were healthy and natural, made by me! She was used to seeing the colourful pictures on the pouch and was happy to have her meal whenever I took them out for her. They were easy to fill, seal, and minimal mess involved which gets a huge tick from me!

jojoburkey, Port Melbourne VIC


Wow this product is so easy to use, just spoon everything in, zip up and on you go. The best thing about it is the clear circle on one side so that you can see what is in there (also letting me know how much my kid has eaten in one go too).

So easy to clean, I just used the bottle brush and it's easy done. The pictures are just so cute, my daughter loves picking which one she wants to use

Raelene, Gympie QLD


Found them so easy to use, I get to make my own baby food, so I know whats in it and that my baby enjoys eating it and with the reusable pouches they are so easy to clean and you can take them any where, they are fantastic.

Angela281, Hatton Vale QLD


Very cute pouches, I must admit, that the name was a bit misleading, as I thought the pouches actually came with 'sweet vanilla' filling!
The concept is very 'green', as I have bought similar pouches with yoghurt in them from the shops, but when it's empty you just throw it out.
Overall, I like them, not hard to do, just wash them at the end!

suzieblu, Mount Perry QLD


These are great for the kids' lunch boxes. Easy to fill, easy to clean, freezable.

Alice311, Georges Hall NSW


The Sweet Vanilla Food Pouches are amazing! Not only are they easy to use (and to clean) but they have such cute designs. You can fill them with all sorts of goodies - even jelly! I wouldn't limit these just to the kids - it's also great for me cause I can have quick breakfast smoothie on the go and it packs nicely into my handbag.