30 x PURINA ONE Small Breed Dog Packs

About The Product

Australians are in love with small dogs, with more and more households now owning a pint-size pooch. However, it seems that we don’t always understand the special requirements that small dogs have. From a nutritional perspective, small dogs have different needs than large canine friends.

All Australian made, PURINA ONE Small Breed Dog range has been specifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of smaller dogs. The range includes products for puppies and senior dogs, as well as healthy weight management, digestive and indoor specific products. Purina’s BIOLIFE formula has been created to support small dogs’ immunity, to take the guess work out for owners and to give their pooches the extra care they deserve.

The PURINA ONE Small Breed Dog range is available from all leading supermarkets for $8.99RRP. To sign up for a free sample of Purina One Small Breed, visit www.purinaone.com.au

Product Reviews

jessbale, Orange NSW


Our little dog is usually so fussy when it comes to dry food. We spend a fortune on trying new things that she eats for a few days and then won't again.

We have noticed that she really likes the Small Breed range by Purina One. She like the little biscuits as they are easy for her to chew. It's been over a week and she is still eating them!

We are very pleased with this brand and will definitely buy again

Carolyn93, Mereweter NSW


I loved it
my loved it more
I usually give rice veg & meat
I now give purine with a bit of meat
great great
I just want to wag my tail

ActuallyAmy, Tom Price WA


Great product! My dog loved it and we will definitely be considering it in the future.

stewy1, Blacktown NSW


This product is good +++ its agreat allround dog food for small breeds, keeps the coat shinning on all our dogs, the dogs are looks fit and healthy and there was no reactions to changing their food to this one

Naomi207, Fletcher NSW


WOOF -My name is Krumbs and im a Foxy X. And I LOVED this product! The small size of the biscuits were really easy to eat and meant that I didnt spend time crunching on larger sizes. They also mixed well with wet food. I ate all of them each night with my dinner and even nibbled on them during the day, which is something I dont often do with the larger sized biscuits. Im sure my mum will buy these for me to replace the old ones I used to eat! WOOF

Terri63, Gin Gin QLD


Great Product, the puppies absolutely loved it. Great quantities also, I will definitely be buying this product in the future

Birgitta3, Killarney Heights NSW


My little Pooch was lucky enough to try the Purina Once Small Breed Dog Chicken with Rice. He ate it very quickly so therefore I know he loved every bit of it. It's perfect formula makes it my number one brand for my little dog. I will be buying this product from now on and will be recommending it to all my friends.

buffii68, Macleod VIC


I love this food, it tastes really good. Now I have two problems, the first is keeping the cat out of my bowl, he thinks it tastes nice as well. The second problem is finding a way to tell the humans at my house to keep buying it. (The cat thinks I should type a message to their phone thingy). Thank you for the food. I give it 4 paws

diane202940, Mannum SA


charlies love this product and left his wet food to eat this instead it was lovely that it was so small and after he had eaten it he proceeded to vaccumum the floor for the rest in case any where left and the at came in and enjoyed them too thanks again a wonderful product 10 out of 10

Alice in Wonderland, Greensborough VIC


Thanks Purina for giving me the chance to try your great Small Breed product.
My dog absolutely loved this product and within about 1 week I could see a shinier coat and a very happy dog. She has always looked forward to meal time but with Purina One Small Breed dry food she was excited. I will certainly be buying Purina One for her from now on and I thoroughly recommend your product to all dog lovers.

Debra31, Ridgehaven SA


I have two little dogs who are sometimes known to be fussy eaters. With new food you generally have to introduce it to them over a few days, but with the Purina One Small Breed they had there heads in the bag as soon as I opened it.
They love it and meals time and now easier.
Taste is obviously important but as the picker up of the by product later, I have always been able to tell when the food is not quality. With Purina One they had firm stools (yes not nice to talk about but necessary) so I know that the Purina One is good quality.
Would definitely add to the shopping list.

peta, Kambalda WA


my little beagle cross loved the Purina one small breed dog biscuits, they were a good size for her to eat easily, never left one behind

Paula24, Bundaberg QLD


My Toy Poodle, Peanut, is usually very picky with the biscuits she eats and prefers the cats to any dog ones but........ I put a handful of Purina One down in front of her and they were devoured in two minutes. She hasn't looked back she now waits in antisipation for her morning handful of PURINA ONE. Dogs happy, I'm happy!

palm0108, Seaford Rise SA


My hungry Tibetan Spaniel chowed down on this nutritious dog food. Being an Australian made product I feel confident in the benefits for my small pooch and he sure seemed to enjoy it!!

Emily66, Eynesbury VIC


Handy zip-lock packaging and great sized pieces for small dogs. Is handy knowing that their nutritional well-being is taken care of. Would buy and recommend, cost is reasonable compared to other comparable products.