30 x Pairs of Souls Massage Thongs

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About The Product

Aussie brand, Souls Massage Thongs, celebrate their 10th anniversary this summer season, with the release of a brand new range of styles, patterns and vibrant colours to add to their existing range of massage thongs. Using therapeutic massage “bubbles”, the foot-bed of Souls Massage Thongs mould to your feet as you walk and the masseur bubbles act as pressure points to massage your feet and stimulate blood flow with every step.

Kind to your feet and to the environment, Souls Thongs are committed to eco-friendly manufacturing. All Souls Massage Thongs are made from an EVA foam and natural rubber combination - both non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

For more information, please visit www.soulsthongs.com

Product Reviews

Abel3, Redland Bay QLD


Souls Massage Thongs are fantastic. They put the soul back into every step. They are different to wear at first and then become magically super-comfy. I give them 10 toes up! Excellent Product.

Crystal, Singleton Heights NSW


These shoes are GREAT! i love the way your foot just slips right into them for a personal foot massage wherever you are heading. They really do leave your feet feeling great! i cant stop wearing them even around the house!

June124448, Croydon North VIC


Love the thongs, you can feel the massage bubbles which are very comfortable when you walk, I would definately recommend these thongs.

Helen, Darnum VIC


The Souls Massage Thongs felt comfortable and were very relaxing to wear. With hundreds of massage "bubbles" underfoot the thongs delivered a very therapeutic massaging effect. My feet even tingled after taking them off.

kirraJ, Ormeau QLD


These thongs feel weird at first step, but after a while they truly are comfortable, plus somewhat of a fashion statement! They might be the next Haviana's???