30 x Oscar Shaving Cream Sets

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About The Product

OSCAR Natural Shaving Gel ... naturally better

✓ Aloe Vera based shaving gel with a blend of essential oils to soothe and moisturise dry sensitive skin.

✓ The bottle is non-flammable and CFC-free - better for the environment.

✓ The special ‘airless’ pump makes for easy application and ensures the natural ingredients are not exposed to air - preventing ‘oxidisation’

✓ Made in Australia - keeping jobs here.

✓ We use quality ingredients but do not charge a premium - RRP $8.99

✓ Available in Moisturising and Sensitive - for different skin types.

✓ Now available in WOOLWORTHS


• Parabens - hormone effects

• Synthetic fragrances (or parfum) - allergies, cancer, nervous system

• PEG - toxic contaminants

• Sodium lauryl sulfate - skin damage, toxic contaminants

• Triethanolamine (TEA) - allergies, toxic contaminants

* Source: Environmental Working Group - Shopper’s Guide to Safe Cosmetics. For more information visit www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

Product Reviews

Elizabeth746, Dapto NSW


I loved this product so much i haved used both the sensitive and the moisturising and found them equally as good as one another there was no after shave burning or rashes as there was with other products i have tried so i am happy to give it a five star rating

Shaye, Macleod VIC


Excellent product. makes skin feel great!

Tanny, Sturt SA


From the moment I opened the packaging and smelt the fresh, natural fragrance, I knew this shaving cream was going to be great! My partner suffers from sensitive skin and is absolutely stoked with the result he had after using Oscar Shaving Cream. It left his face smooth without any redness and oh so soft! I gave it a whirl on my legs and I loved it too! I didn't even need to moisturise after!

Natalie604, Darch WA


Oscar moisturising shaving gel was fantastic. Easy to apply. Used with a nice sharp razor and it didn’t clump up in razor. After the shave feeling was smooth and soft the smell was mellow and nice. I would definitely use it again.

Oscar sensitive shave gel was easy to apply. It felt a little bit thinner than the moisterising. When you apply it does seem to dry up quicky. It left my face a little dry after use.

Rachel172, Bella Vista NSW


Very happy with this product...pleasant fragrance and feels lovely on the skin. Left my skin feeling moisturised and refreshed after shaving. I would buy it for sure !!! Thanks so much to the Lifestyle channel for giving me the chance to try something I normally wouldn't buy for myself.