30 x Nioka Botanicals 100% Natural Bottom Spray

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About The Product

Does your baby have nappy rash?

Are you tired of using artificial chemicals on your baby that just don’t work?

Nioka Botanicals 100% Natural Bottom Spray works quickly to reduce the redness and pain associated with nappy rash and other mild skin rashes.

Both you and your baby will notice a difference almost straight away.

Nioka Botanicals 100% Natural Bottom Spray provides a light barrier to help protect against dehydration and redness. With natural plant oils that are gentle and compatible with baby’s skin.

This wonderfully light and nourishing product is made in Australia from the highest quality, all natural ingredients. Best of all, as it comes in a convenient spray bottle, not only can it be applied one handed but there is no need to touch! Babies love the feel of the squirt! Less Tears – More Giggles!

Gentle enough to use at every nappy change.

Nioka Botanicals 100% Natural Bottom Spray comes in a handy 250ml spray pack and retails for $16.50 per bottle.

Nioka Botanicals is a 100% Australian Family Owned company.

Product Reviews

Jackthemuz, Harrison ACT


By the second nappy change our babies nappy rash had gone away. After the first day, our baby was asking for the spray with every nappy change, think he really enjoys the all natural relief Nioka Botanical provides. The unique thing about the spray is you don't have to rub it in unlike all the other nappy rash creams on the market, so nappy changes are that little less time consuming and a lot less messy. highly recommended.

Marjen, Lilydale VIC


The Nioka Botanicals Natural Bottom Spray arrived just in time!
Two week old Korey has developed nappy rash and doesn't like cream being rubbed all over his poor little red bottom.
I found the spray to be soothing immediately for him without him becoming upset as he did when I applied nappy rash cream.
The 'spray effect' combined with the all natural ingredients is a winner!
I would highly recommend this product to everyone with a bub and I feel lucky to have been introduced to it so early on with my little one!