30 x Copies of 'DANCE MOMS SEASON 1' on DVD

About The Product


Move over, beauty pageant moms … and take a fascinating look at the pressure-filled world of competitive dance and its youngest students, their doting mothers and demanding dance instructor in DANCE MOMS, an explosive series that raises the curtain on one of the world’s fast-growing and most controversial sports.

At the renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, firebrand instructor Abby Lee Miller runs her school with an iron tap shoe. Famously-demanding and passionate, Abby Lee instructs her young, talented students while dealing with impassioned mothers who go to great lengths to help their children achieve their dreams. With a powerful cast of characters that will raise eyebrows, this series immerses itself in the highs and lows that surround the high-stress dance competition season to deliver an intriguing and dramatic look at a world shrouded in sequins, costumes and fiery catfights.

Relive the drama that started a phenomenon with all 13 episodes from the first season including the bonus “Abby’s Most Outrageous Moments” special episode.

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Product Reviews

Kylie54, Orange NSW


Love it, Love it Love it!!!
I love the controversy and the drama that the mums create. The little girls are such beautiful dancers and so dedicated, they are also such beautiful little girls on the inside too, which is amazing considering their mums. A must see series can't wait to see season two now.
Thank you lifestyle.

Carly36, Seaham NSW


Dance Moms is a funny 'reality' TV show that will definitely keep viewers entertained! I came across the show through the Lifestyle You. channel and was automatically addicted. When I saw the promo to review the show, I was very happy as I had missed out on episodes. The DVD collection itself is a great product because there is a good number of episodes on each of the three discs (isn't it annoying having to swap discs after only watching 3 episodes?). Each episode is an hour long (approx.) and includes "previously" segments at the start in case you forgot what happened in the last episode. The only negative I can come up with is that during the episode they have pauses, which would have originally been there for ad breaks on TV, which can be annoying as the last 30 seconds of footage is replayed. Overall, I think at $20 this would make a good gift for a reality TV show enthusiast or "dance mum". (I'm a 20 year old female university student, just so you can relate my opinion to my demographics)

Eliane6, Moe VIC


Wonderful product. The antics of Abby Lee, the kids and the Dance Moms have me in stitches. One of my favourite reality shows to watch on tv and now I can watch it over and over on DVD.

Janine108, Fassifern NSW


Oh my god....I am addicted! I live in a house full of boys, so Dance Moms has become my guilty pleasure! It's so wrong, it's hilarious......be prepared for a full on belly laugh...bring on season 2!

Rhonda194, Officer VIC


Dance Moms is a very entertaining series. I really enjoyed watching series one. The mums are your typical sports mums who will do anything for their daughters to be the best. The teacher is loud and in your face and constantly has arguments with the mums. Looking forward to watching more series.

Samantha180, Wonga Park VIC


Absolutely loved Dance Moms! My daughters and I both love to watch it! I have already ordered the new few seasons

Justin149, Newington NSW


Dance Moms is definitely a guilty pleasure for my partner and I; not only is it hilarious, riveting and packed full of drama but you can't help but take sides and pass judgments.

Dance Moms season one is a treasure for those lazy weekends when you want to curl up with some popcorn and watching immensely talented children be yelled out by the fierce Abby Lee who rules her company with an iron fist. The bonus feature on the DVD, "Abby's Most Outrageous Moments" will definitely earn many views and definitely doesn't disappoint.

Dance Moms seasons one DVD is a must for all reality-show fiends.

Marnie7, Camberwell VIC


Great show! Exactly the kind of DVD you'll want if you love Lifestyle YOU tv shows. Dance moms is fantastic!

Mummyly, Rydalmere NSW


My daughters and I absolutely love watching Dance Moms. We missed most of season one and were happy to receive the DVDs to review. Dance Moms is very entertaining and also an eye opener about the cut throat dance industry. We are contstantly amazed at the pressures placed on these children and the jealousy and rivalry between the parents. It is heart warming to see the joy the children have with dancing and how quickly the pick up routines. We recomend all mums and daughter watch this together. Your daughters will certainly appreciate you not behaving as poorly as these parents. Already seen season 2 can not wait for season 3!!!!!!!

Tracey149, Barry NSW


I had never watched Dance Mums before, I settled down with a nice cup of coffee. I was surprised how much I loved the show, I would recommend it to all my friends and family. I have also put all seasons on my christmas list.
I could not stop watching until the end, my 18 year old son and 11 year old daughter both loved it.

Maia5, New Beith QLD


I've always wanted to be able to dance so I love watching the kids performances in this television series. They are very talented. Dance teacher Abby can be a bit harsh at times but you learn to love her because it's obvious she really does care about the kids and knows what she is doing. The "moms" on the other hand can be truly mean! This adds some major drama to the show. I find Dance Moms really enjoyable to watch.

Ruby5565, Ellenbrook WA


Absolutely hilarious but compelling viewing!!
So glad I never had this lady as my dance teacher, she would have given my mum a nervous breakdown.
Such a diva!!!

Gabi4, Glenorchy TAS


The kind of show you watch on a lazy sunday afternoon...tacky reality TV show but nevertheless entertaining and humorous. The kids in the show are genuinely talented, but I enjoyed watching the mothers more, with their diva like behaviour and feisty attitudes. Entertaining, probably wouldn't rush out to buy it though, unless it was on sale.

Nanna P, Caves Beach NSW


A well received and viewed DVD ,especially by my 12 year old granddaughter who watches the program on Foxtel at every opportunity. It is amazing the pressure put upon the children and teacher,especially by the mothers, and was certainly an eye opening experience to watch.

Lynette169, Strathfield NSW


Brillant - my 4 girls (all dancers) and I love it. We watch it over and over again. Also loved the outrageous moments. Go Abby!!!

Cassandra79, Kangaroo Flat VIC


Dance Moms is a great show to help parents understand how much pressure children are under in trying please their parents.