3 x Year's Supply of NEW Radiant Gel Washing Liquid

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About The Product

Research has found that Australian mothers with a child under 5 spend 23 hours a week doing housework. And those with children between 5-14 years of age spend 20 hours a week doing the household chores.*

With today’s life becoming increasingly busy and complicated, anything we can do to make life simpler is definitely a blessing.

Endorsed by Australia’s best selling washing machine supplier Fisher and Paykel, all new Radiant Gel is the first of its kind and the perfect solution for active Mum’s.

By introducing a simple 1, 2, 3 approach to your laundry, you’ll walk away feeling confident that your washing is all taken care of.

1. Firstly, remove the ‘No Mess Cap’

2. Secondly, pour Radiant Gel into the cap

3. Finally, throw the whole cap in with your wash and your clothes will come out positively radiant every time! And best of all, there’s no mess.

With 18 washes per bottle, you need a little Radiant Gel for a brilliant result.

This radical new approach is a lifesaver for the average person who spends six hours a week in their laundry washing clothes.*

Radiant Gel is stocked at your local supermarket, $9.99 per 630ml bottle. (For stockists, FREE call 1800 809 282.)

Product Reviews

Tracey149, Barry NSW


I have to say wow! I have never used Radiant before but I will be using Radiant Gel from now on.
With the no mess no fuss lid it is so simple pour the gel in the top and drop the whole thing in the machine.
My cloths were cleaned perfectly and the lovely smell were on the cloths even when dry.
There is great value for money. I have recommended Radiant to my family anf friends. Radiant compares well with other products.
The things that stand out with Radiant Gel is ease of using the product along with the price and how well it washes the cloths and leaving them smelling lovely and fresh.