3 x Tefal OptiGrill's

About The Product

Cooking your meat to perfection is the most important ingredient to a successful home cooked meal. With many of us struggling to do it properly, Tefal has now revolutionised the way we cook at home with the OptiGrill, a healthy grill that gets you perfect results no matter what your taste.

We all know too well the one person who loves a perfectly cooked steak is Dad. The OptiGrill is a great gift idea. This is thanks to Optigrill cooking level indicator, it changes colour and beeps to let you know when your meat is rare, medium or well-done. The OptiGrill also measures the thickness of the meat, adapting the temperature and cooking time accordingly.

The OptiGrill is the only health grill on the market offering this level of intelligent cooking, giving you restaurant quality results without the guess work.

Burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausages, pork, red meat, fish and seafood can all be cooked on the OptiGrill thanks to the different cooking programs. The well-known rubbery or burnt on the outside and raw on the inside steak will become a thing of the past.

Settle the ‘is the meat cooked?’ debate with the OptiGrill!

The Tefal OptiGrill is available from leading department stores and electrical specialists nationwide. RRP: $199.95. Visit www.tefal.com.au  for more information and to find your nearest stockist. Visit our Youtube channel to see the OptiGrill in action.

Product Reviews

Lesley26, Goulburn NSW


The first time I tried this we cooked T Bone steaks. I was impressed with how fast it cooked the steaks, we had them at a few different settings. The medium steaks were cooked perfectly, while the well done steaks were cooked all the way through but were still juicy and not dried out at all. The grill markings were not great, but I think the bone may have hampered this.
We cooked chicken breasts later in the week and they were perfect as well and the grill marks were excellent on these.

I found the optigrill easy to use, easy to clean, and was suprised at the amount of fat that came out the meat. I would definitely recommend this grill to people.