3 x TEFAL ActiFry Appliances

About The Product

Tefal’s ActiFry 2in1 is the latest product revolution in healthy cooking that doesn’t compromise on taste. This electrical appliance guarantees to reduce the total fat content of a completely, balanced meal while preserving the nutritional quality throughout the cooking process.

When cooking a serving of fish and chips with Tefal Actifry 2in1, not only can you save 80% of the fat content but the meal also contains 77% less saturated fat and 40% less calories.

With the new tray and bowl duo you can cook tender, juicy and tasty meat while chips, vegetables or even risotto can be cooked in the bowl beneath. What’s more, the Tefal ActiFry 2in1 measuring spoon controls the amount of oil (2ml) and salt (0.5g) that is added to the meal according to the official nutritional guidelines. 

The innovative mixing arm and heat distribution cooking system preserves the nutritional qualities of the food so you can rediscover its true flavour. Simply add your ingredients, set the timer and ActiFry does the rest!

With a 2kg capacity, you can cook a meal for the whole family. A recipe book is included to inspire your culinary choices.

The Tefal ActiFry 2in1 is available from leading department stores and electrical specialists nationwide. RRP: $399.95. Visit tefal.com.au for more information and to find your nearest stockist.

Product Reviews

KB65, Lameroo SA


A great healthy way of cooking, the bowl for chips and vegies does a great job, no mess, very little oil. We have tried many different ideas and the stirfry was brilliant. The top bowl for meat etc whilst small does a brilliant job of both meat and the fish was outstanding. Easy to clean and easy to use I would recommend highly. Schnitzels cooked beautifully in the top bowl and the little oil used made it a much healthier option. Nuggets and chicken tenders also in the top bowl were cooked perfectly. The only small downside was the cookbook. Very limited so you must give everything a try.