3 x Speedminton Sets

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About The Product

Aussie families are enjoying a fun new racquet sport anywhere, anytime: even in the dark. Speedminton’s equipment and format allow play on any open space without a net, and fluorescent ‘Night Speeders’ keep the action going when the sun sets.

Competitive play is between two squares with the 12 meter distance acting as the net. The racquets are light, strong and large headed, making rallies easy. The ‘Speeders’ are designed for outdoor use; perfect for the beach, park or back-yard barbeque.

Playing in complete darkness with the ‘Speed-lights’ is great fun. The hand and eye soon adjust to the laser-like ‘Night Speeder’ slicing through the dark. Courts can be laid down on grass, sand or squares can be drawn on hard surfaces.

An international sport in Europe, the first Speed Badminton World Championships were held last year with 29 nations represented.

Australia’s representative Nicole Weber says “the beauty of Speedminton is its flexibility. If you keep a set in the car, any outing can become a sporty excursion. Matches are a great work-out but it’s fun just having hit-ups with the kids on the beach. Plus there is no pressure to finish up before dark! If you like tennis or badminton, you’ll love Speedminton.

Loads more information can be found at www.speedminton.com.au

Product Reviews

Belinda717, Cooroy QLD


I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the Speedminton set. What a fantastic product I actually got my son away from his computer and outside in the fresh air. We had the best fun can't wait to play in the dark :) thank you so much

Pamela, Rylstone NSW


Excelent,have had lots of fun with everybody including the grand children ages 3 to 18.
Great to get a game to choose the rules acording to age & also we played it not ony out side but inside as well.