3 x SodaStream Drink Makers

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About The Product

SodaStream is back and better than ever! Environmentally friendly and economically efficient, the SodaStream range of Drinks Makers are more than just a water carbonation system, they are a stylish kitchen accessory. Available in a variety of colours and styles, there is a SodaStream Drinks Maker to suit any benchtop.

The Fizz Drinks Maker is the newest addition to the SodaStream’s family. Featuring patented Fizz Chip™ technology, the interactive Fizz Chip monitors the amount of CO2 remaining in the cylinder (which powers the Drinks Maker) and also indicates the carbonation level in the soda (light, medium or extra-fizzy).

SodaStream is an "Active Green" company.. One SodaStream cylinder makes 60 litres of soda water, which is the same as 180 cans of soft drink! When empty, the cylinder can be re-filled, ready to make more refreshing soft drink for your pleasure.

By using the SodaStream you are not only saving your pennies, you are also saving the planet from the billions of bottles and cans which go to landfills each year. SodaStream is the smarter way to enjoy carbonated drinks.

Product Reviews

Veena2, Narre Warren VIC


Wow.. this beautiful, easy to use accessory “SodaStream Drink Maker” arrived at our home in time for our weekend party and made it so easy for us to entertain all our guests. The drinks were absolutely a super hit and with the variety of flavours it was so easy to please everyone. We also followed some fun recipes from their website http://www.sodastream.com.au and it was a total hit. Everyone was in love with the SodaStream Drink Maker and the party was a great success. Would highly recommend this beauty to everyone!!

Sarah1058, Glendale NSW


I absolutely love the SodaStream. It's easy to use, the kids really enjoy the fact that they can make their own soft drinks and no more plastic bottles to go into the recycling as you can reuse the bottles for a couple of years. I normally don't give my children soft drinks because of the sugar content however with the SodaStream I can control how much syrup goes in so my children think it's a real treat that they are now allowed some soft drink. Great product, I love it so much I'm thinking of buying one to give to my sister & her family for Xmas.