3 x Slim Secrets Snack Packs

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About The Product

Do you find that your poor snacking choices often sabotage your healthy weight loss goals? Snacks that are high in fat, carbs and calories often lead you to feel hungry again soon after eating which can lead to overeating and bingeing.

Whilst fresh is usually best this is not always practical so Slim Secrets have created a range of the most nutritionally balanced snacks on the market that will keep you feeling satisfied between meals and ultra convenient no matter where you are or what you are doing. Not only do the slim Secrets bars, cookies, chips and Fit Balls taste like a treat but they are high in fibre and protein and low in carbs and calories. Many of the products are also wheat or gluten free and have ingredients with added benefits such as chia seeds and green tea extract. They are the perfect indulgent snack for anyone who is health, fitness or weight conscious.

Slim Secrets is also proud to have recently joined forces with Olympic gold medallist Michael Klim to create an amazing snack range for the health conscious male under the Milk Active brand powered by slim secrets

To learn more about the many secrets of Slim Secrets products please go to www.slimsecrets.com.au

Product Reviews

Annette4, Maudsland QLD


Slim Secrets Snack Packs are an ideal snack choice for anyone who has a busy life and instead of crabbing anything high in fat they can opt for the Slim Secrets range. Eating the potato chips you still get that crunchy snack without the fat. I love all the bar flavours and with no artifical colours and added chia seeds they fill me up in a healthy way.
The fit balls were great to snack on as I take my dog for a walk and I enjoyed the Trail mix biscuits as a snack with my coffee.I have started to lose weight since I have started these products, lollies and Chocolates are now gone and replaced with Slim Secrets to satisfy my cravings.