3 x Selk’bag's

About The Product

Roll over traditional sleeping bag!

Ever been camping and wished you could walk around or sit in your cozy sleeping bag without having to do the hop-and-hope-I-don’t-land-on-my-face? Well thanks to the very cool new selk’bag, your wish can come true. The selk’bag is a revolutionary new sleep wear system, it's your own sleeping bag suit!  Have your hands tucked away or exposed so you can use them, removable hood and reinforced feet, this is versatility at its best!

You're not a Mummy, don't sleep like one!


Product Reviews

David6934, Launceston TAS


The Selk'bag has been an interesting addition to our usual camping gear. Living Tassie you never know what the weather will do and the Selk'bag has proved itself very valuable.
The suit is incredibly warm and comfortable, at just over 3 degrees I was quite toasty, enough to use the leg vents! The Selk'bag gave me a fair bit of movement for wandering around camp and getting gear from the vehicles which was a bonus. The strong design of the Bag is great, the stitching is strong, the foot pads are sturdy and the slip off hands well thought out. The only draw back has been the length of the Selk'bag in the torso, I would suggest any tall people try one on if possible just for comfort reasons. None the less I look forward to not freezing this year fishing up at the lakes! a good product that exceeds expectation.