3 x Parklands Leaf Blowers

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About The Product

Outdoor Clean-up Is Now A Breeze! Whether you are a proud homeowner, avid gardener or a professional you rely on equipment to get the job done fast and effortless. Rakes and brooms create blisters, are hard work and make cleaning up an unpleasant task.

The new Tanaka TRB-24EA from Parklands is a high performance hand held leaf blower from the brand’s class leading range. Designed as a commercial quality power tool, this blower features a state of the art ‘PureFire’ commercial grade engine designed by Japanese engineers to use less fuel, lower emissions and reduce noise.

Weighing less than 4kg this blower is much lighter and more comfortable to use, however boasts a higher engine output, which in turn gives a superior air volume to other leading models. The blower tube is designed to improve air-flow and reduce blockages.

Parklands Power Products is an Australian owned and operated company supplying outdoor lawn equipment from some of the world’s most reputable brands nationally. Industry leaders in their field, they are backed by a robust dealer network across Australia with over 50,000 spare parts in their catalogue.

For more information on the Tanaka TRB-24EA or other great products from Parklands visit www.parklands.net or contact 1800 671 417 for your nearest dealer.

Product Reviews

AnitaCrowley, Beaumont Hills NSW


We used this yesterday for the first time, after a big cleanup and trimming all our hedges after all the rain. It was very lightweight, just as it said would be, which made it very easy to manage. It was super fast and everything looked very clean afterwards. My main concern is that it would be noisy, but it was very tolerable - much quieter than my neighbour's leaf blower! Nice compact size, so good for storage. Nice colour red too. Excellent, quiet, user friendly product.