3 x Pairs of Taller by Altura JNK Design

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About The Product

Taller by Altura JNK Design offers men the only designer product of its kind in Australia. This designer footwear is hand crafted and made from quality leather which also gives a hidden height increase of 6-10cm, dependent on the style of choice.

Altura JNK Busoni, is Taller’s most popular style and is a black, lace up and dress style shoe. Busoni is hand crafted and made from quality leather with polyurethane insoles that won’t compress over time and that provide cushioning, support and a hidden height increase of 6.5cm.

Altura JNK Busoni retail at $179.95 and are popular among men during spring racing season as they help close the height gap at the races when their partners are wearing their high heels.

The designer shoes are regularly purchased by brides and grooms for wedding photographs, men of all ages seeking an attractive designer shoe with a hidden height benefit and women customers, so they can wear high heels without towering over their partners.

Taller shoes can be purchased from its online store www.taller.com.au

www.taller.com.au providing free shipping Australia wide or from its boutique located at 91 Johnston Street, Collingwood in Melbourne.

Taller has over 50 styles of shoes and boots from formal, casual and sports-wear.

Product Reviews

Fred, Pacific Pines QLD


I must say I was quite surprised at just how great these shoes were ,I thought people would recognize
that they were manufactured to make you look taller
but that is not the case ,you could not tell at all
they are extremely good quality ,very comfortable and being only 158cm tall are perfect for me allowing me to feel much more confident ,the postage was vert efficient and the customer service was excellent
thank you for the opportunity to review these

Jean37, Murray Bridge SA


The quality of the product is exzcellent, very well manfactured

The shoes are super comfortable, ver easy wearing

They increase height which gives you more confidence in yourself

The packaging and presentation was A1, very professional

Delivery was very fast

All in all, a excellent well manufactured, professionally presented product which does do what it claims to