3 x Oral-B Triumph with Smart Guide

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About The Product

Looking for an extraordinary mouth clean without making the trip to the dentist? Look no further than Oral-B’s most technologically advanced power toothbrush – the Oral-B Triumph with Smart Guide.

The state-of-the-art Oral-B Triumph with Smart Guide is the first power toothbrush that comes with a wireless display that provides while-you-brush feedback to help enhance brushing performance. It’s like having a dental professional in your bathroom!

The latest model, the Triumph 5000, has a fifth brushing mode called Deep Clean that removes up to 99.7% of plaque from hard-to-reach areas.[1]

The Oral-B Triumph with Smart Guide brush head, handle and visual display unit work together to provide instant interactive feedback. The brush head and handle are embedded with microchips which communicate with the wireless display unit to help guide you to each quadrant of the mouth and signal when you are brushing too hard. The Smart Guide encourages you to brush thoroughly, gently and for the dentist-recommended two minutes.

[1] Based on single-use brushing study

Product Reviews

Sera7, Dandenong North VIC


This toothbrush is easy to use. It leaves your teeth feeling really clean as though you have just been to the dentist for a clean. I love the Smart Guide display because it tells you how long you have been brushing for and I also like the different cleaning functions that it offers. There is a setting suitable for all the family. I think that anyone with small children might like it as the children would love the smiley face on the smart guide letting them know they are doing a wonderful job cleaning their teeth and for the right amount of time. As I said before I really love this toothbrush and the way it leaves my teeth feeling fantastically clean. I would recommend this toothbrush because once you have used this you wont want to use a normal toothbrush.

Annalise5, Berwick VIC


This is a great toothbrush!! It is very user friendly and not hard to set up at all. I like it how it comes with the smart guide which tells you how long and where you should be brushing your teeth. The charge on it lasted 8 days. Overall, I am very impressed with this toothbrush. It exceeded all of my expectations.

Olga13, Cheltenham VIC


Wow! I have to say that Oral-B TRIUMPH is the best tooth brush I have ever had in my life! It is just amazing, like a little gadget for your bathroom. I was really impressed by the digital timer, it does motivate you to do a better job on your teeth! I also liked the idea of having a little digital clock in your bathroom, very helpful! Loved the way Triumph has 5 cleaning modes, so you can choose the one that suits you most. This toothbrush does a 100% job, leaving your teeth clean and shiny.
The downsides - I thought it was a bit too loud. Also, it often falls on the side if you don't put it on the charging station.
Otherwise, a great product, I would highly recommend it to everyone!
Great packaging, too! Thank you!