3 x NEW Roadie Portable Speakers

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About The Product

The biggest innovation in portable speakers has hit Australian stores!.Franklin Electronic Publishers, the experts in portable technology, have developed ROADIE™ which is set to present consumers with one of the most unique offers you have heard – it will turn any flat surface it touches into a speaker.

Using distributed mode technology ROADIE™ is able to deliver big sound anywhere by amplifying vibrations through any flat surface, allowing you to transform a desk, kitchen bench or even a wooden floor into an audio experience.

The device has the ability with any electronic sound device and as it is only the size of a can of soft drink, it is ideal for travel. The HD setting also allows for a truly high quality 360 degree sound field.

ROADIE™ has an SD/SDHC card slot with built-in MP3 player and is powered by a 20W RMS amp, boosted further by vibrations delivered through any hard surface. It includes AC adaptor with international plug set, rechargeable lithium battery, USB/Audio/Microphone cable and a carry case.

With a recommended retail of $169.95, ROADIE™ will be available from October 2010 in Australia’s leading electronics, travel, gift and department stores.