3 x Neutrogena Prize Packs

About The Product

The key to skin that's visibly smooth, luminous, and healthy is hydration, and the best way to hydrate your skin is with a Moisturiser that replenishes and rebuilds, while releasing moisture throughout the day.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost™ helps to rebuild this shield with its carefully selected ingredients including naturally derived Olive Extract, an ingredient chosen for its chemical similarity to lipids in the skin.

The innovative Progressive Release System (PRS) in HYDRO BOOST™ delivers intense, long-lasting hydration By releasing moisture continuously for a full 24 hours, and delivering it to specific areas where it's needed most.

Product Reviews

Montana23, Wyee Point NSW


These range of products did everything they said they would. I have eczema which can become irritated extremely irritated, especially from skin care products. However, when my skin became very dry and sore, I found the water gel, 'hydro boost' range repaired my skin by the next day almost every time. My other favourite product was the face wash which washed off all of my makeup and left my skin feeling extremely clean and refreshed.