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About The Product

Cooking has just been completely revolutionized with the new Royal VKB Boomerang Wok from Milk & Sugar. Pairing a unique shape with functionality, Dutch designer Nikolaï Carels’s Boomerang Wok includes a curved edge that allows you to flip and mix like a pro and ensures all your ingredients stay inside the pan.

Just like a boomerang, the Boomerang Wok lets your food come back with a simple flick of the wrist – the no effort push action simply turns and then returns your food to the same place it started.

Made with enhanced scratch resistant Teflon® Platinum Plus, the surface is metal utensil safe and designed to look newer for longer.

Not only making stir-frying easier, the Boomerang Wok is also great for turning larger pieces of food, such as fillet of fish or meat in no time for a restaurant quality result every time.

Show off your culinary skills with this new design masterpiece and invite the Boomerang Wok into your kitchen.

Visit www.milkandsugar.com.au

Product Reviews

Penne, Cranbourne North VIC


Loved this wok! Its fantastic quality, especially the Teflon surface. It looks stylish too.
The boomerang design is great and really works. I flipped my stirfry the other night like a pro! No mess at all. I love cooking and will highly recommend this product to my other cooking buddies. Very easy to clean afterwards too..
I prefer this wok over my electric wok and will be using it alot in the future.
Well Done Milk & Sugar - Very impressed!

KLM290308, South Nowra NSW


This wok is awesome it looks great and it makes cooking stir frys so easy.
It is very easy to use without making the mess usually associated with having to flip and turn food.
This wok was also super easy to clean with the non stick surface being just that.
I will definitely be using this product again and again and be highly recommending it to all my cooking friends