3 x Interior Design Sessions

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About The Product

Win a Design Session with award-winning interior designer Victoria Millar-Wise – worth $479! 3 to be won! Are you renovating, designing a new home or simply wanting to rearrange your home to re-invigorate it and give it a new look... Victoria Millar-Wise can assist you in achieving the best outcome for you!

From de-cluttering and space saving solutions, to complete home designs, shop lay-out and property staging for open house inspections; from renovating using sustainable materials to creating a harmonious space for you to feel at home in, Victoria does it all...

A Design Session is a one-on-one mini-consultation that allows you to do design-checking, bounce ideas around, get design suggestions and explore wallet and environment friendly ways to improve your home design – value adding it, without costing the earth.

From colour palate checking and personalising your project, to applying energy balancing and Zen principles to your home and work space – this session with Victoria will be invaluable!

Plus you will receive a copy of her best-selling book ‘Create Your Dream Sanctuary’ absolutely Free!

To book a Design Consultation – log onto www.homeimprovementpages.com.au or call 0419 831 518.

Product Reviews

KAREN, Brookfield VIC


I think this is a great product. There are a lot of smart people out there but just don't know where to begin or don't know where to find items within their budget. This will enable people to think outside what they already know and broaden their horizons.