3 x Homage Jewellery Engravable Circles of Love

About The Product

Homage Jewellery is Australia’s home of Premium Quality Solid Sterling Silver and Gold Personalised Jewellery.

Homage Jewellery was founded on the meaning of the word Homage: something done or created to show special honour, admiration or respect for someone. In this tradition, Homage Jewellery allows the most memorable expressions of love, connecting generations through high quality personalised jewellery.

Homage has recently released new petite versions of our signature Circles of Love series, each piece is minted from high quality sterling silver, polished to a mirror finish and engraved with your special names, dates or messages of love. They come with their own unique bail system, featuring our hallmark; the Tree of Life and a high quality 50cm sterling silver chain.


Product Reviews

Kat1961, Tingalpa QLD


The Solid Sterling Silver Circle of Love is just divine. It is a beautiful weight and the engraving is quite delicate and appealing. I love the embossed tree on the front clasp adjoining the ring. The chain is just the right length to show of this treasured piece. It is also presented beautifully in a leather jewellery box that will protect it for years to come.