3 x Fitness Freaks Cross Trainer Exercise Bikes

About The Product

Cross Trainer bikes are THE solution for anyone who is pressed for time, stressed about money - and yet wants a FAST, EFFECTIVE way to lose excess body fat, tone your muscles and just FEEL BETTER about yourself all day long!

The beauty of Cross Training is that your entire body gets a workout all at once. And with today’s high-technology built-in to each of the Fitness Freaks Cross Trainer bike, you get things like … heart rate sensors… calorie-burn counter… time, distance, speed … and more for effective cardio workouts!

It’s like getting on one of those “expensive” machines at a posh fitness club. You know you’re going to get a great workout, every time! Well, now you can skip the expensive gym membership… hold off on the personal trainer… and also save time and travel hassles with the home size model of the Fitness Freaks Cross Trainer Bike.

It’s perfectly suited for home use. In just 30 minutes a day, you wheel out your Cross Trainer Bike, hop on, and let the combo Elliptical and Cycle motions work your legs, arms, abs, core – all while burning off all that extra fat that’s accumulated around your belly, hips, thighs, arms, and chin.

Product Reviews

cp, Warranwood VIC


Love this Cross Trainer Bike. You can start riding as a bike but half way through change to and Elliptical trainer or vice versa. Just as you start to tire, the change of activity inspires you to keep going. Easy to relocate around the house. Does require some assembly so please be patient. Extremely well priced for what it includes. I would recommend this to my friends.

Belinda46, Glen Waverley VIC


I was very excited to have been selected to review cross Trainer. Initially, putting it together was challenging and had to ask for help to tighten all the screws - instruction though were easy enough to follow.
In terms of it being a fast and effective way to lose excess body fat - absolutely! The machine itself is very easy to use and great to be able to work out in front of the TV (makes the time go quicker!), in the comfort of your own home. My only small criticisms are that the bike handle bars don't adjust and I have short arms and can only just reach, and the seat is not that comfy. But for the price it's great.
It's not that heavy and can be easily moved to where you want it.
Even my 4 year old loves it!