3 x Coshee® Sheet Sets

Brought to you by Coshee Eco Friendly Bed Linen

About The Product

Coshee® is an innovative bedlinen concept designed in Melbourne that will revolutionise how you look at your bedroom and making your bed...

What is a Coshee®?

Short for Cover-Sheet, it is a detachable top sheet that clips to your quilt cover for easy washing, a tangle free sleeping experience, and a hygienically clean quilt cover, not to mention a stylish, neat looking bed every day...

Our easy to use Coshee® bed linen solution for the whole family is made with natural cotton and bamboo fabrics that are manufactured with no added chemicals for a soft smooth feel. These Coshee® quilt cover sets are simple and easy to use. Just unclip the top sheet, wash, dry and reattach. Bed making is so easy with a quick throw of the cover and the job is done. No more tucked in corners or messy sheets Coshee® quilt cover sets have a place in every bedroom in the house.

Product Reviews

suzukisue, Birdwood SA


This set is beautiful quality and looks and feels great. However, there was no way I could use this before ironing it as it was badly creased from the packaging and proved to be a nightmare to iron due to the instructions to use a 'warm iron' only! It was also very difficult to iron with the sheet already attached (obviously detaching it first is the answer!).
Anyway, after getting through the task of trying to make it look somewhat crease-free I attempted to put my quilt into the cover, automatically looking for the poppers at the bottom of the cover, only to realise they were at the top under the fitted sheet part!
After a bit of a struggle, I finally got the sheet inside, shook it well and placed it onto my bed along with the new pillow cases also put on.
The look is 'quality' and the colour is perfect for my room, however, the fact that the fitted sheet is turned over at the top, makes it look a little untidy in my opinion, as it can't be tucked in as sheets are supposed to be.
This also, in my opinion means that the set with the attached sheet is only really an advantage in the warmer months. At this time of year you just have to have the sheet tucked in and we also have a blanket tucked in. This is not possible with the attached sheet, I have therefore had to put the quilt/sheet over my existing sheet and blanket in order to keep warm!

In summarising my review, I would give this a fair rating, not only for the fantastic quality, but for the innovation which is most suitable for the warmer months.

Amanda111, Dubbo NSW


I have found the Coshee quilt cover set to be of very high quality. It arrived in a nicely presented carry bag, which included the quilt cover, top sheet and matching pillow cases. I didn't like the fact that there was no bottom sheet included, but it is available separately.
The linen is super soft and of very high quality, and the detacahable top sheet is simply brilliant! The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the price. I personaly wouldn't pay this much for linen.