3 x Comfort Works Customised Cushion Sets

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About The Product

Renovating? Decorating? Comfort Works, a Melbourne-based furnishing company, designs and sells unique, stylish slipcovers for sofas, armchairs, chaise lounges, love seats and daybeds. Slip covers are available to fit popular models of IKEA sofas and chairs, including discontinued models. Want to match your pillows or curtains to your sofas? Comfort Works also designs and sells made-to-measure custom curtains, quilt covers, bean bags and any-size-you-want pillow and cushion covers. This is your chance to win a set of cushions customised from a choice of fabrics valued at $326! Trust that we will come in handy for you DIY-ers who are unarmed with a sewing machine, x-acto knives, velcro, band-aids and patience. On the Comfort Works website, take your pick from a selection of more than 90 fabrics ranging from velvet, silk, cotton, linen or leather, and instantly preview your fabric selection on the 3d representation. Order up to five swatches free of charge to help with the decision making and match making. Once your order's placed, the slipcover is tailor-made and delivered to its new home within 4 weeks. The industry of ‘custom-made’ is well-known for "high-end prices". At Comfort Works, we strive to challenge this convention, by being more careful with money and not letting a single thing go to waste (good for you and the planet), hence ‘Custom-made-at-ready-made-prices’. This is why all our prices are available on our website. So, no matter how you define your style, your passions or your budget, our team will make sure you are well covered. www.comfortworks.com.au

Product Reviews

claire, Palmwoods QLD


I recieved my cushions a few days ago. I was really impressed with the quality and finish of the cushions. They are soft, lovely to snuggle in to, durable and look fantastic. I chose two different styles. First style was in a natural blend fabric. I chose Nomad red, as it was vibrant.The fabric is durable and thick, however not bulky instead soft and light. The second style was in leather. I chose Moderna Black, as it was a good bold colour to go with the red.I was surprised how comfortable the leather cover is. It feels great to lie on as well as being kid friendly, dirty marks wipe off. I am overall very happy with my cushions.Cover Works make a very high standard of cushion covers.

krypt, Croydon NSW


Comfort Works has such a great range of fabrics it's hard to restrict yourself to just the ones you need! The cushions turned out really well, so soft and the fabric looks just like it did on the screen. Comfort Works also provided friendly and personal service - and very willing to offer help and advice if you need it.