3 x Bosch Power Packs

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About The Product

Bosch, the world leader in power tool technology is giving passionate DIYers the chance to win one of three compact power packs, consisting of a Bosch PSM Multi-sander and Bosch PST Jigsaw valued at $298.

The Bosch PSM Multi-sander and Bosch PST Jigsaw are the ultimate DIY companions. Light, powerful and easy to use, these power tools guarantee performance and precision for all your DIY projects.

Both tools are part of the Bosch “Power4All” cordless system and operate using the same powerful 18V battery. This allows DIYers the freedom and flexibility to work uninterrupted around the home while the tools’ soft grip and ergonomic handling ensures a comfortable, fatigue-free grip during any job.

Using the PST Jigsaw, precise curved cuts are easy to achieve and the “CutControl” feature keeps you on track when making straight cuts while the PSM Multi-sander sands everything from wood to metal, small to large surfaces to corners and edges – achieve anything with this power prize pack!

From creating furniture to sanding back the floorboards on patios, the Bosch Multi-sander and Jigsaw are the perfect companions for completing this summer’s DIY projects.


Product Reviews

Lisa102, Woodford QLD


I ove the fact that you can just add attachments and uses the 1 battery, i found it easy to use and light weight. can't wait to buy more attachements