3 x BLINC Cosmetics Eyelash Essentials Pack

About The Product

BLINC Cosmetics Amplified Mascara lengthens and volumises lashes using their unique tube-technology mascara. While most traditional mascaras dye your lashes and penetrate the skin, BLINC's tube-technology coats your lashes with tiny water-resistant tubes - amplifying the volume and length of your eyelashes. Once dry the tubes will not smudge, flake, fade or bleed; it is sweat proof and water resistant, meaning you can cry in confidence.

BLINC Cosmetics Lash Primer acts as a protective coating on your lashes before applying your mascara, designed to nourish lashes and provide longer lasting application. BLINC Lash Primer was developed with two objectives in mind; eyelash treatment and eyelash enhancement.

Ideal for sensitive eyes, BLINC lash primer leaves no build-up, is dye-free and does not contain any fragrances that may sting or cause irritation to your eyes.

To achieve the most amazing bedroom Bardot eyes, you need a liquid eyeliner that is easy to apply. BLINC Liquid Eyeliner Pen is easy to use and offers the same all-day staying power as the other BLINC products. BLINC's Liquid Eyeliner Pen offers an easy to use, convenient marker-tipped pen for easier and more precise application. The felt-tip pen is so easy to use you can effortlessly apply your eyeliner whilst on-the-run.

This Cruelty Free brand seeks to moisturise and nourish lashes and promote growth with added peptides.

Known as a vegan cosmetic range, the BLINC cosmetics is for your eyes only. Ideal for sensitive eyes, blinc does not require any eye makeup remover. Simply apply water and gentle pressure to remove.

Product Reviews

Annie182090, Surrey Hills VIC


I absolutely loved the Mascara and Lash Primer products, and found them easy to remove and long-lasting - I will probably buy them again once they run out. The eyeliner wasn't as good - I found it quite difficult to apply and it took a really long time to dry - I ended up using a hair dryer on my eyelids! Once it was on it was great and lasted for ages (and again, was very easy to remove) but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Melanie1811, Manifold Heights VIC


I was really excited to try this BLINC cosmetic eyelash essential pack. I don't have the thickest or longest eyelashes so I'm always on the lookout for something that will give me standout lashes.

The primer, mascara and eyeliner come in metal tubes with lids which I thought were really cool.

The primer acts as a protective coat and is supposed to nourish your lashes. I like the idea of it but after a couple of days I started skipping the primer and going straight for the mascara only due to convenience and the fact that I'm always rushing to get out the door.

The mascara is designed to give you a 'Twiggy' type look which I didn't love (on my lashes). I felt like my lashes looked like spiders legs. I prefer a thicker/fuller lash so after a few days I found myself going back to my normal mascara. The mascara has fantastic staying power though and did drive me crazy trying to remove it in the evenings.

I haven't quite mastered the eyeliner yet. I felt that the tip was quite long and like a paintbrush as opposed to a pen. I do like it though so I will continue to try and master it.

I haven't given up on these yet and will continue to use them, though I think it will tend to be more so for special occasions rather than everyday use.