3 x BabyPlus® Prenatal Education Systems

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About The Product

The Award Winning BabyPlus has been endorsed by medical doctors, paediatricians, nurses, educators and parents.

Benefits of BabyPlus®

Parents report BabyPlus® babies at birth and infancy are:

• More relaxed and alert at birth

• More interactive and responsive

• Nurse more readily

• Display an increased ability to self-soothe

And later in life demonstrate:

• Earlier developmental milestones

• Longer attention spans

• Improved school readiness

• Greater creativity and independence

• Enhanced intellectual abilities

How BabyPlus® Works:

BabyPlus® introduces a safe, simple set of sounds to a child as early as 18 weeks in the womb. These sounds are patterned after the mother’s heartbeat, the one language the baby can recognize at this very stage of life because it’s the only true and consistent sound of the prenatal environment. The variation of sounds stimulates the baby’s cognitive development and as the child progresses through the BabyPlus® curriculum, he or she learns to discriminate between those sounds. In other words, auditory learning begins.

This auditory exercise strengthens learning ability during the developmental period when the advantages will be most significant for a child. Much like a prenatal vitamin encourages strong physical development, BabyPlus® encourages strong cognitive development.

The developmental benefits of BabyPlus truly last a LIFETIME.

Product Reviews

Kathryn, Salisbury Park SA


Unique gift idea, instead of getting blankets, bids and bottles get a gift that allows the baby to start hearing your voice and learning.

Noni10, Punchbowl NSW


I couldnt use the product for a long period of time as i was further along than 18 weeks but during the time of use it was easy to use and easy to follow the instructions. When my son was born i noticed he was very observant and very alert with his surroundings. His peadeatrician has informed me that he is very interactive and responsive and he loves being surrouned by people and noise as this is what he is use to. I would definately use this product again when i have another baby.