3 x BABOR Cleansing Brush and Cleanser Sets

About The Product

BABOR is a luxury Spa brand that is #1 in Germany and available in over 60 countries internationally. At BABOR we use plant and herb extracts with the synergy of science to cover every spectrum of skincare from cosmeceutical to organic beauty solutions.

The first product developed by the company’s founder, Dr. Michael Babor, more than 50 years ago was the legendary HY-ÖL®. The Art of Cleansing has now been perfected with 10,000 fine vibrations and 120,000 oscillating bristles. The BABOR Sonic Cleansing Brush with extra-fine, soft bristles provides deep-pore cleansing with BABOR’s classic product HY-ÖL®.

In the first phase, the precious oils in HY-ÖL® cleanse the skin. In the next phase, a Phytoactive herbal complex that is specially tailored to the individual skin type is added to the HY-ÖL® and moistened with water for a thorough bi-phase cleanse. This creates a gentle cleansing emulsion which, when combined with the Sonic vibrations and the soft, extra-fine bristles of the BABOR Sonic Cleansing Brush, has an even deeper cleansing action. The waterproof BABOR Sonic Cleansing Brush can even reach uneven pores with ease and remove deep-down dirt particles – in just one minute.

Find the BABOR Sonic Cleansing Brush and Limited Art Edition HY-ÖL & Phytoactive Sets along with the rest of our luxurious spa skincare ranges at premier  Salons and Spa’s nationally or online at www.babor.com.au FREE CALL 1800 139 139.

Visit BABOR Australia’s Mother’s Day pop-up store at Westfield Sydney level 1 opposite Zara April 29th- May 3rd 2014