3 x Agape Skin Rejuvenation Pamper Sets

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About The Product

Agape Skin's soap and skin care collections are designed to nourish, replenish, hydrate, detoxify and exfoliate your skin, we use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible, avoiding fillers, Palm oils and any unnecessary ingredients and toxins. This method maximises all benefits for each ingredient and are hand picked for their therapeutic properties. 

Each oil, butter and botanical is selected for its specific use and thoughtfully combined to create a product which can soothe, enhance, detoxify and exfoliate, each batch of Agape Skin's products are hand crafted in small quantities to ensure quality and high standard.

We never test on animals are vegetarian and cruelty free at all times.

Product Reviews

Antoinette69, Footscray VIC


Great Range this product. Great for sensitive skin very hydrating moisturizing,
Also i found that most of us who have been through a serious illness find our skin gets very dry
and becomes more sensitive. The all natural ingredients in this product Almond oil,coconut is very soothing and relaxing. I would recommend this product to any one who has very sensitive skin. The exfoliating bag is gentle and cute. The hemp body cloth is so soft on the skin.

Melissa, Clovelly NSW


I loved this product, the packaging had a real boutique feel to it, the bath salts were divine, the perfect way to soak away the troubles of a long day, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. The body polish was fantastic and following the polish with the skin food, my skin felt fresh and supple. I loved that the Agape skin range left me feeling pampered and the products felt natural, they didn't have an overpowering fragrance as some skin products tend to. Simply divine!

Bree220, Capel WA


The Agape rejuvenation pamper set was fantastic. The products left my skin feeling nourished and fresh after the first use. I particularly liked the hemp exfoliation bag used with the soaps, it was very effective and the soaps all smelled lovely. The body cloth was so soft and gentle I started using it on my baby as well. This pack would make a wonderful gift for anyone with not a lot of time but who needs a little pampering and a quick pick me up.

The only product I wasn't totally taken with was the body polish. I didn't seem to get very much coverage and needed to use quite a lot each time.