3 x 3 months Supply of WaterWipes Baby Wipe Packs

About The Product

When the Irish WaterWipes founder had his own baby he was shocked at the chemicals in baby wipes and questioned whether we should be putting them on their delicate skin.  He set out to create a pure, natural and safe alternative and WaterWipes was born. 

As pure as cotton wool and water but as convenient as a baby wipe, it helps avoid nappy rash and eczema.  Most other baby wipes claim to be sensitive and natural but turn them over and you will see that they still contain a catalogue of chemical ingredients.

Available in supermarkets, pharmacies and online.

Product Reviews

Simone156, Brabham WA


I'm in love with this product! These are literally like a fresh water stream put into a wipe. They have the slightest amount of scent, more like a freshness than a perfume. They didn't cause irritation, dryness or redness. I've even been using them in the car for wiping hands and I've also pinched a couple as makeup wipes, they are so soft on skin. Im defieinetely sticking with these.