28 x Amazing Stain Removers

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About The Product

Finally a new and innovative way to remove stains when it matters most, not at home, but while you are still out! Setting it apart from the rest is its stylish and practical design you can take anywhere. It even fits neatly in your handbag. It’s as simple as spraying the gentle, non hazardous solution onto the stain and agitating the fibres, then you are free to carry on without being embarrassed. The product will even remove the food or beverage odour leaving a pleasant fragrance.

The Amazing Stain Remover is a safe and gentle formula, contains no harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

Proudly Australian made and owned.


Product Reviews

June124448, Croydon North VIC


What a great product its practical design is perfect for on the go stain remover
No more embarassing stains for me , love it

Trina, Minchinbury NSW


Only used this once so far (not the last time), it was on a small food stain & worked like a treat. It didn't do any damage to the shirt and I was extremely impressed with the ease of use.

jay2abbey, Carey Park WA


I didn't have a stain so I rubbed quiet a bit of red lipstick onto a white towel, at first I didn't think I'd be able to remove it all but with a bit of persistance and aggitating it all ended up being removed. Whole process probably took 2 minutes at most.

Deb52, Runaway Bay QLD


This product is what it says – Amazing. I have used it on red wine, bolognaise sauce and passionfruit juice spills on my clothes and just a little spray has removed each stain with no trace of there being a spill. I have tried it on an older stubborn stain and after a few applications of this spray it removed that as well. I love how it is so compact, refillable and has a lovely fragrance. Yes, I am very impressed with this amazing stain remover.

Gillilisa, Winmalee NSW


Having a family of active persons the dirty washing tends to have all sorts of stains,ranging from dirt,grass,oil,blood,food and art products.I am very impressed with AMAZING STAIN REMOVER.It took out all of the stains with ease.The spray bottle makes for quick and easy application.I highly recommend this product.Loved it!

Jane164, Ashmore QLD


This product is fantastic, the ultimate disaster meat pie and tomato sauce on my sons white t-shir tbut very quickly and with very little effort it was fixed. When i was washing the item I tried to find the area to spray with a pre-wash and I was unable to find t. Just great given it's compact size it is great to keep in the handbag or golvebox.

Amy38, Singleton NSW


I think this is a fantastic product and I love that it's so compact!
Having 2 young daughters grubby with some foods, it's come very handy to protect their pretty outfits - and being non hazardous is just wonderful!!
Wonderful Aussie product.