27 x ‘the muesli’ 450g Packs

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About The Product

A delicious natural blend of 5 Nuts, 4 Seeds, Oats & Coconut, ‘the muesli’ is 97% sugar-free, contains protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, minerals and has been developed to combat misleading ‘low-fat’ and ‘weight-loss’ claims, often found on sugar-laden cereals. And best of all, a small 50g serve of ‘the muesli’ will sustain you right through to lunch!

To launch Sugar-Free September, ‘the muesli’ is encouraging Australians to cut all processed sugar from their diet for one month. Do something positive for you! Our mission is to help educate and enlighten people, who are justifiably concerned and confused about their diet, especially now that they are more aware of the issue of sugar.

At ‘the muesli’ our key premise is very simple. There is already enough sugar occurring naturally in whole raw fruits & vegetables to count as ‘moderation’ in a balanced diet. So, any sugar – added to, or in, any packaged food or drink – is what we must avoid. Make it your mission to read just one line on the nutrition panel of any packaged food or drink before you eat it – Sugars - keep them below 5g – to feel and see the difference.

To learn more visit www.themuesli.com.au

Product Reviews

Tegan196916, Mount Martha VIC


At last a muesli that not only looks good but taste good. I'v always been one for picking out the sultanas as it just gets stuck in your teeth, so when i was picked to review "The Muesli" i was super happy to find a product that suits me.

Jilli, Dallas VIC


I loved this product is was so easy to cook and it taste great and with 97% less sugar its was a great start to the day and i loved the coconut in it as well and didn't feel hungry it filled me up i would buy this product.

Cheryl146, Parrearra QLD


Husband tried the muesli and said it wasn't as sweet as other brands he has tried. Which is good. Reading the ingredients a very healthy product. Will definately be buying this product in the future.

Tanny, Sturt SA


Wow! Who ever thought muesli could be so tasty! I decided to have a breakfast for my family on Father's Day and "The Muesli" was a favourite with everyon, even over smoked salmon and bacon! There is nothing buy top quality ingredients and the assortment of nuts is to die for! I could eat this for dinner it is that good!

Maureen, Berserker QLD


As a diabetic, I am always looking for sugar free foods. And this one is a beauty. An excellent blend of ingredients, and in the right balance. The nuts were not just slithers of nuts as in other muesli's, they were big chunks. A great taste and flavour. I didnt notice there was no added sugar as the taste was superb. Will definately seek out in the super market.

erk666, Sorrento QLD


The muesli was a very filling breakfast option and I enjoyed the fact that it was mostly made up from nuts, seeds and coconut. Different from other muesli products which are mainly made up from oats. A nice combination for breakfast served with either milk or apple juice and a spoonful of yoghurt.

sue118268, Kanmantoo SA


Delicious muesli that was consistent with blends. Not to much oats etc.

It was very filling and it makes a quick and easy breakfast or for me sometimes lunch.

I enjoyed it with yoghurt as well as milk.

I also put some in some muffins which were really nice!

Leanne177, Gaythorne QLD


The Meusli was everything it says it is - it tastes delicious and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. I followed the instructions and had mine with greek yoghurt and chopped up strawberies every morning and it was amazing. I will definitely be buying more of this because I cannot consider a different type of breakfast now.

Susy Pops, Lynbrook VIC


I thought 'the muesli' was delicious and was a good pick me up in the morning.

Kirsten114, Hastings VIC


When I opened the package I first thought that it was quite small and wouldn't last for long. But after reading the instructions I discovered that the serving size is actually quite small. I was unsure about this (worried I would still be hungry) but I trusted their guidelines and stuck to the advised serving size.

I put a cup of frozen berries in the bottom of a bowl, a couple of tablespoons of Greek yoghurt and then topped it with a single serve of The Muesli (as advised in the instructions).

I was pleasantly surprised. The meal was much more filling than I expected. It had more nuts & seeds than I am used to with my muesli, which is probably the contributing factor to why it was more filling.

The shaved coconut being all chunky and generous and deliciously sweet was just right and blending in with the nuts and berries.

At 1145kj per serving (around 270 calories), when added to natural yoghurt and fruit it makes a great breakfast. It's filled with yummy nuts and seeds which are slightly higher in calories but are satisfying and good for you.

So, in conclusion, this is a great product and definitely worth a try. Just stick to the serving size and you'll be surprised how filling it is and how long the pack actually lasts.