26 x Tubbies Fluffy Ice Cream Stubbie Coolers

About The Product

Do you LOVE eating your favourite gourmet ice cream straight from the tub?
Are you sick of your delicious ice cream melting way too fast and ending up with a sludgy mess in the bottom of the tub?
Do you want the pleasurable experience of eating ice cream all year round, but find it too darn cold in Winter?
You need a Tubbie.  Tubbies are funky, fluffy insulators for your favourite gourmet tubs of ice cream. 
Tubbies are scientifically tested to keep your tub of ice cream frozen for twice as long.
Tubbies replace tea towels, jumper sleeves, blankets and whatever else can be used to wrap around a tub of ice cream.
You can use Tubbies to transport your tub of gourmet ice cream home from the store and use it on the dinner table for dinner parties.
Tubbies are a world first and an Australian invention.
Get yours today and experience the Coolest way to eat ice cream!

Product Reviews

Jackie372, Caroline Springs VIC


Why is it 2014 and I'm only hearing about these?' LOVE my TUBBIE! I'm currently sitting on the couch with my yummy ice cream wrapped up in its holder. Normally you'll need to wear winter glove to save your fingers from frost bite... In comes TUBBIE warmth!
Hell yes! Amazing product guys. Great inventing.

reebok55, Ferntree Gully VIC


I loved the Tubbie. I usually wrap a tea towel around my ice cream and it ends up sticking to the container and gets ice all over the place. This ice cream stubbie cooler kept my hands from freezing and kept them dry without mess. Would make a great little present for any ice cream lover.

Michelle2419, South Yarra VIC


Loved it! Great way to eat ice cream no more cold hands!

Ash101, Forestville NSW


I was very excited to try out my Tubbies Fluffy Ice Cream Stubbie Cooler. What a functional and fun product. I was able to enjoy my ice cream without freezing my fingers off. It kept the ice cream cold and I didn't have to rush it before it melted. This is a huge hit with every member of my household. Thank you for allowing me to review it.

Amy, Kirwan QLD


Awesome product, works wonderfully.

Zeinab7, Bass Hill NSW


Just received this product and loving it ! I find this so much better then having to hold a cold bowl of ice cream. I can enjoy ice cream now especially without my hands being frozen