26 x FANGKS No Added Sugar Milk Mix Drink Packs

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About The Product

Did you know the average flavoured milk drink contains 7 teaspoons of sugar, making Fangks the healthier and Fang friendly option? Sweetened with Natvia and containing only 15 calories per serve with no artificial nasties, Fangks is both kids and parents' preferred drinking mix! Have it with your favourite milk for a sweet treat that hits the spot! Fangks doesn't just hep kids love milk, it gives milk even more nutrients to power healthy kids with its 7 vitamins and minerals. With the two most popular flavours, chocolate and strawberry, milk just got more fun to drink!

Product Reviews

Channy, Cootamundra NSW


I got strawberry and chocolate natvia fangks too try.. They went down a treat with my children, they didn't even realise that this product had no added sugar. I felt quite happy giving this product too my kids knowing it was a healthier option. I will be changing brands as its a healthy treat that I can feel good about my children consuming

Michele197, Greensborough VIC


What a great product, loved the flavours, big hit in our house, nice to know the children are having a healthy drink without the sugar content. will be buying again. Will they be bringing a bigger container out as the small one doesn't go far.

Michelle2437, Eaqglehawk VIC


FANGKS No Added Sugar Milk Mix Drink was delicious. It was a winner in my family. It gave drinking a glass of milk (in skim milk as well) a whole new meaning without the guilt. Unlike many of the low/free sugar flavours out there it didn't have that artificial aftertaste.

Li9, Willetton WA


My little ones loves the flavours of Frangks, especially the chocolate flavour. The strawberry and chocolate flavour arent that sweet which is good for them. They also love the packaging which is cute and vibrant. Its fantastic they can enjoy a nice drink without any artifical flavours. Will be purchasing more in the future.

Jenny992, Nuriootpa SA


For me this drink still taste like it contains sugar but was very good to drink. The chocolate doesn't need as much as suggested but the strawberry was great.

Lucy374, Daw Park SA


I was a bit hesitant in trying this product as I find a lot of flavoured milk drinks way too sweet for me. I got the kids to try it first and they absolutely loved it. I, then, tried it and was very surprised. Still with a sweetness to it but not overly sweet. I enjoyed it so much I was having a teaspoon with milk every day after work and it certainly did hit the spot. I would recommend this product and if I was to choose a favourite then the strawberry would win.

gee1, Monterey NSW


Fangks was definitely a hit in our house. Quite sweet, so I just put a little less in my children's milk. It dissolved really well, better than other brands. My kids are fussy with drinks that have 'bits' in them! Nice to let the kids have something that tasted good and actually contained vitamins and minerals! A winner all round.

Loren133, Salisbury SA


All I can say is "FANGKS!!"
I have 3 children, 2 who belong to my partner.
I was at my wits end trying to get his kids to drink milk of any kind!
After much persuasion, they agreed to try the Fanks no added sugar milk mix drink.
They go absolutely crazy for the strawberry flavour, but they're not so keen on the chocolate.
After trying the products myself I found the chocolate to be very strong, so I use half the recommended amount, and the strawberry....well, that's just divine!
This product is fantastic!
Any product that is sugar free and encourages children to drink milk is a winner.
We will definitely be buying more of the strawberry flavour.


Miss Skinny Legs, Cremorne NSW


Have to say this is a really great product - both flavours are terrific (strawberry and chocolate) and I am very fussy about artificial flavours! - and not too sweet either with the Natvia. Would like to see it used with water rather than full cream milk - I used semi-skim milk (all I had in the fridge) but it was fine and mixed well - though have to stir it quite a while to dissolve.

I am taking the extra tins to my Mum - she eats well but sometimes needs an extra boost.
Thanks again for letting me try it and rate it - would certainly buy again.