25 x 'Shortcut to Happiness' DVD's

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About The Product

Shortcut to Happiness is the highly entertaining film adaptation of the Stephen Vincent Benet classic short story The Devil and Daniel Webster.

Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is a down-and-out writer trying to make the big time in New York City. When one of his closest friends, Julius (Dan Aykroyd) finds literary success by selling his novel to the famed Webster Books - Stone is jealous and finally hits rock bottom. So, when a beautiful stranger (Jennifer Love Hewitt) arrives on his doorstep, she offers him a chance at fame and fortune in exchange for his soul, he readily accepts the deal.

With the help of his gorgeous editor, Constance Hurry (Kim Cattrall), he hits the big time, with the career that he always dreamt of and with women falling at his feet. Now Stone has it all but the view from the top isn’t everything he’d imagined it to be... Now, time is running out fast on the 10-year contract for his soul as he comes to realise it true value.

Desperate, he must enlist the help of Editor Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins). Together, the two take on the Devil in a battle of wits to try to save his immortal soul.

Thanks to www.ovationshop.com.au we have 25 DVDs to give away to 25 lucky reviewers - each DVD is valued at $29.95.

Product Reviews

Belinda8383, Forster NSW


Fantastic movie, we sat down last night and watched it as a family and everyone loved it!!!

Marilyn35, Ringwood VIC


'Shortcut to Happiness'was an interesting thought provoking movie. It started off a little slow and at times the story line was a little deep and dark, but was pulled together at the end brilliantly. It is not a movie that I would ordinarily choose to watch but certainly held my attention and was worth watching. The cast of the movie was well chosen and the sets that were utilised were great.

Heather17, Witheren QLD


Initially i thought it was just another one of those mindless, transparent and entirely inconsequential movies that i normally will never watch. However i actually enjoyed it and value the social message it conveyed.And that is that success at all costs is neither desirable or staisying.There can be no success if you do not achieve it fairly and honestly and share it will those you love.
It is a great message for today-that we must be aware that society can play the devils advocate by placing huge demands on us.And that we must never lose sight of what is really important.