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About The Product

ShooAway is a product designed to improve the Australian outdoor dining experience. The design is both simple and practical – instead of constantly waving hands around during a meal, the ShooAway is placed on the table and repels the flies for you. With no harmful chemicals and no risk of contaminating food, ShooAway is family, child and pet-friendly.

The Inventors Brisbane entrepreneurs Andrew ‘Smithy’ Smith and Rob Ayala, with a background in industrial design and product innovation, invented the ShooAway over an outdoor lunch in the summer of 2008. Smith and Ayala collaborated with colleague Stuart Roebig at Retail Logic, who assisted in finalising the design of the product and commercialised it for market launch, in late 2011.

How does it work? With the great Australian Lifestyle in mind, the ShooAway’s soft plastic propeller system is designed to keep flies away from food in a chemical-free, family-friendly way. The ShooAway features holographmatic repel dots on its gently rotating blades, which is a key part of keeping the flies away.

The ShooAway is available online at www.shooaway.com for $19.95.

Product Reviews

Renee355, Yeerongpilly QLD


Works really well and is not noisy will be on the table at every meal from now on

Rhonda147, West Gosford NSW


I thought it is great and it will be handy in the summer months when we have barbeques.

sapphire27, Frenchville QLD


The ShooAway is an ingenious australian invention that really is a necessity for those of us who love dining outdoors.

Safe, inexpensive and simple it protects food and people from those annoying flies by propelling and repelling.

clever, different and handy gift idea

Janine193, Wodford VIC


The Shoo-Away is a simple but very effective invention. I loved the fact that you could just turn it on before food arrived then turn it off when we'd finished eating. It is quiet, non invasive and unlike a lot of other things, there is no irritating smell. I put it in the middle of the table and found no flies came near, so it kept the whole table fly free. The cost of use with 2 AA batteries is virtually non existant. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Patty, Branxholm TAS


I love this product, and it really works. We had a BBQ to test it out and placed it outside where the food was on the table. We had flys avoiding it like it was a spray. We intend to buy two more for those days when we have big family BBQs.
Its simplicity is the key.Its easy to place on the table and works.Perhaps a heavier base for those warm winds that occassionally whip up at an outside BBQ. Well done to the Inventors for making such a clean and green addition to the great Aussie dine out.

Katrina65247, Mermaid Beach QLD


Shooaway is what its name suggests. Flies are kept away from food without you having to be constantly watching for them and then waving the flies away. Shooaway will now always be apart of outdoor dining.

Lorna, Ellenbrook WA


I was really eager to try the ShooAway as we've been having a difficult time having our meals outdoors. It's very easy to use and I had it on just before setting all the food on the table. It worked pretty well as we managed to have a really enjoyable meal and the flies were kept away. Its easy to work, silent, battery operated and no repellent odours to deal with and a hit with the kids!

Kimberley64, Baringa QLD


great item, keeps the flies and insects away fromo the whole table. And very cheap to use and it only takes a couple of batteies. WIll recomened

John15, Aveley WA


With the extended warm weather in Autumn we have been able to extend the the times with having meals outside. This has also allowed the flies to hang around for a longer period as well. Therefore the use of the ShooAway has been required to reduce the flies getting to the wonderful foods off the BBQ. I now only need to by a few more to place over the table and over the food near the BBQ proir to cooking it all. The ShooAway is also nice and quiet so it does not take over the conversations being had at the table. Good invention and will be buying more for summer.