25 x República Organic Coffee Capsule Packs

About The Product

Escape to New York, Rome and Paris in your 5 minutes of peace with the real espresso experience of República's 100% organic, Australian Owned, Nespresso®* compatible & biodegradable coffee capsules!

Each LifeStyle Try It, Rate It reviewer will receive a delicious one month supply of coffee capsules – with a 10 capsule box of each of these 3 varieties:

  • Paris –  Strength 8/12 -  Smooth blend with sweet and delicate hints of honey & caramel flavour
  • New York – Strength 10/12 - Strong, dark and rich medium blend offering the authentic New York coffee taste
  • Rome – Strength 12/12 – Intense and full-bodied coffee with hints of berry and chocolate undertones.

Buy República Organic coffee capsules today at Coles, Woolworths and online.

Product Reviews

Kate1809, Bulli NSW


I was a little hesitant when I first tried the Republica Organic capsules as I have to admit that all other capsules besides those you get from Nespresso have been fairly average. I can happily say that I was pleasantly surprised at the delicious coffees these capsules made.

All capsules were full of flavor with their own individual tastes. I was particularly taken by the Paris flavor. It was subtly sweet but still had a strong coffee taste which I love. In saying that I would happily drink any of them any day of the week. Will definitely be buying more of these.

Tina403, Burwood East VIC


Although I liked all three blends, I really loved the Rome blend. Nice and strong for the first morning coffee! A nice real espresso fragrance with intense flavour that is just like what you would buy at a cafe, especially as a short black with that subtle bitter aftertaste which you expect from a short black. As a latte the milk balanced out the slight bitterness and made for a very enjoyable coffee.

The Paris blend was a little too light for my taste but still was nice and especially smooth.

New York was my second preference and I do not think it is a medium blend as it was also quite intense.

Very surprised at the high quality of the pods and coffee and even more so to know they are biodegradable. I have tried many alternatives to the Nespresso brand and have never been happy with how the pods worked in my machine and the strength and quality of the coffee.

Each pod released a great crema and coffee fragrance.

I will definitely be buying these in the supermarket!

Steph8, Buderim QLD


What a great collection of coffees and so easy to use in our Nespresso machine. My personal favourite is the Paris as it's just the right strength and the hints of honey and caramel are delicious. The New York and Rome aren't too far behind though. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these products; we'll definitely be buying more!

Maxine, Parkerville WA


I loved the Republica Organica coffee capsules - so easy to use and it made me feel good to know that I was enjoying a 100% organic coffee!
The capsules were great for my long caffeine fixes - any time during the day, but I enjoyed the Paris smooth crema flavour the most.
Next I'll try adding these to a recipe ... perhaps a tira misu.

Kristy716, Abbotsford NSW


As an avid Nespresso user, it was nice to come across a product that was more environmentally friendly.
I found all 3 flavours quiet smooth, and also not too overpowering, and a good amount of "coffee taste".
After tasting this product, I would very much be purchasing these in the future and exploring the other flavours that are on offer.

Monique, Seaford SA


Honestly I never thought anything would come close to the Nespresso coffee capsules. But these Republica Organic capsules are fantastic! The coffee is strong, yet smooth and definitely addictive. I loved all three of the flavours, but "New York" was my favourite. New York is a medium roast dark chocolate flavour and I think it is absolutely delicious. You get a hint of the dark chocolate flavour, but it doesn't over power the coffee.
I will be buying these Republica Organic capsules again thats for sure!

Cathy418, Bungonia NSW


This coffee is sensational. I preferred the real hit in the heart Rome. Intense and rich really sends you on your way for the beginning of the day. Not for the faint hearted and only the truly brave for late at night (unless you plan to stay up). New York was also strong and dark and my fav for the night time. Paris is for the quieter and more subtle drinkers. Not for me, I need the kick and the intensity but great for the less hearty.

Jasmine278, Bankstown NSW


I tried the capsules with my mums nespresso coffee machine but I must say I that I am more of a social coffee drinker and like my coffee strong and flavoursome. My favourite would have to be the New York blend as it had the strength I needed without the bitterness and it has such a beautiful aroma. The good thing about this range is that it caters for all coffee tastes from mild to strong. My sister really enjoyed the Paris not being a much of a coffee fan and my coffee addict mother loved the Rome. the capsules were easy to use with my machine and are good value for money so I will be definitely adding the this brand to my mums coffee capsule box.

Kat1961, Tingalpa QLD


The Paris strength 8 is a lovely smooth coffee with no bitterness. Both the New York and Rome are a little too strong and both have a slightly bitter aftertaste. The foil packet that the pods come in help to keep the coffee fresh and I love the aroma when first opening the foil. It gives you a wonderful hint of what is to come.

Diana113, Stirling WA


I love these capsules, very strong flavour with a hint of chocolate , simply amazing intensity.

Alicia151061, Bentleigh VIC


Full bodied coffee, pleasant tasting with a smooth taste. I like the fact that it is organic. Nice change from my regular coffee.

Deidre3, Palmerston ACT


Lovely coffee. Very smooth. Great flavours and intensity.

John121, Glen Waverley VIC


New York was probably the best, with Rome good but a bit strong while Paris was only fair. In summary I think in general I prefer the Nespresso capsules.

Tash44, Brisbane QLD


I was very excited about this product because its Organic and in a capsule, like seriously how much easier can your morning coffee get?! .
On the first day I decided to try the strong dark and rich ‘New York’. I mean with a description like that, you really shouldn’t be able to go wrong and I’m shocked to say it was ‘ok’…I was expecting a much stronger darker taste as I like my coffees that way but it was ok. To my surprise I actually enjoyed the ‘Paris’ with hints of honey and caramel flavour. Its very smooth and the flavour was subtle. It was enough to let you know that you’re not having just a coffee but you’re having a coffee with a hint of Paris in your cup too! Lastly I tried ‘Rome’, I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting from a full-bodied coffee with a hint of chocolate and berry but sadly the slightly bitter berry taste was not a winner for me.
The packaging is very funky and eye catchy which puts a bit more jazz into your morning coffee routine especially when you still feel half asleep. By day three with all boxes opened and one of each capsule in my hand, I realised that they were all exactly the same! Oh dear...how was I going to tell which was the Paris? Unfortunately I couldn't tell which was which...my suggestion would be to either change the colour of the foil top or simply stamp a symbol/name on the pod to allow coffee lovers (like me) the ability to distinguish between pods instead of having to do a lucky dip.
For me personally, I will be purchasing the Paris again as it has the smoothness you need when you feel like the day ahead is going to be a busy one!

Carmen6, St.albans VIC


I liked all three flavours but my favourite was ROME for I also used it in making a cake.

Penny334, Sorrento WA


The Paris and New York are nicely rounded to drink as a short black however I did find the Rome not strong enough for a mug of flat white. This could be because of the quantity of coffee in each pod as I often have the Republica Coffee beans and grind them myself for use with my manual coffee machine.

Depending on the price, they are competitive in flavour with most others on the market.